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As long as you use this app you will know exactly who your child is talking to. You will receive call logs on your account every time you want to check that. Social media tracking. Children and not only them, spend a long time on social media networks of all kinds. So some of the best monitoring features of this app are the social media tracking ones. You can see all the networks used from the target device without rooting the android phone.

This app shows you the chat section of all networks as well as the online activity of the user. As a phone tracker, it is hard to get better than this mobile tracking app. GPS tracking. Yes, you can also use a GPS tracking to know where your child is at all times.

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This is maybe the most important of the monitoring features, along with the social media one. It is the best spy to install on someone's cell phone in order to know where they are. This feature works on any Android phone as long as the operating system allows you to run the app.

But keep in mind that this feature will only work in places where there is a GPS signal functional. Monitor photos and videos. By using this cell phone spy you'll see the photos and videos existing on the phone. We live in a digital era and we love to snap memories of our daily lives. With this phone spy you can see the photos and videos on the phone but also who they are shared with. Not many spy apps have this feature when it comes to phone monitoring. There is a live control panel you can use. This live control panel offers you the possibility to see in real time what is happening on the target phone.

This feature might not work on Android phones without rooting, so check the operating system compatibility for it. Spyzie is a relatively new parental control app with a very affordable price. The installation process takes about 10 minutes max and the control panel is informative and easy to use. Read full Spyzie review here or checkout the free demo by clicking the button below.

Another great mobile spy app that you can rely on is the Ikeymonitor. Ikeymonitor will work just as well for tablets too and other devices that use Android or iOS system.

With this app you can track messages on different platforms, emails, phone calls and even pictures on the specific phone. It also has a GPS function that tells you the location of the person using the tracked phone as soon as you log in.

It’s your chance to track your kids and workers

To make it even further, this mobile spy app shows you the calendar, contacts, and notes saved on a phone. You can also get screenshots of what the phone user is doing without them being aware of it. If you want to jailbreak this device it will work on any iOS system. Without a jailbreak it only works on iOS 9 or higher. As for the Android system, this app will work on Android 2. You will appreciate the three days trial of this best spy app as well. So, you have some time to test and see if you are satisfied with it before you actually purchase the spy software.

Messages and calls monitoring. Just like the previous app, this one also offers you the option to monitor both text messages and call logs on the cell phone. This app will track all the text messages that go from the target device but also those that are received on the target device.

It catches and records call logs as well, so you can count on it for the most accurate phone monitoring app. While this is one of the most basic features, Ikeymonitor also has other benefits to offer! Location tracking by number sounds crazy. But now the technology has made it easy, and today anyone can track phone location by number with the TheOneSpy app.

This post will discuss how you can use location tracking features. Let to know how to identify these fake phone spy apps in this post. Today we are going to make a comparison between the two top best applications like TheOneSpy and Mobistealth. The following factors will tell us which one is the best spy software for phones and PCs. Prices, Features, Products, Compatibility. Compatibility, Pricing, Products, Features, Installation.

#2 Highster Mobile

With the help of this tracker, users would be able to view the search history. He can also check if a certain webpage has been visited or not. Users can check if a specific data has been viewed or searched by the target on his browser. This software assists the user to check how many times the target has explored a certain page, so if the target gets suspicious, the user will quickly get there.

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With the help of this feature, users can check sent and received messages with accompanying time-stamps, view contacts, and other details. One will get to know exactly when the messages were exchanged and whom they are talking to. Application lets users spy on shared media as pictures, videos, links, documents, etc. Even if the message's details or media gets deleted on the target phone, the user can still access the deleted information through the dashboard. It stores the data in an easy way, and it is convenient to use and view information. Another very useful feature that comes with this software is its ability to log all the keystrokes on the target device.

With the help of this feature, users can know the details of all the conversations on the target device. Furthermore, users can also know the search history and the passwords associated with different kinds of accounts too. This can be a very useful way of Spyine because the user can simply reach from minor to vast details through keylogging. Users can view deleted messages from the dashboard, which is easily accessible.

Spyine has been reviewed by a number of recognizable brands, this is due to a number of advantages it provides its users through its design and builds features. Some of its top qualities include the following. Unlike most spying apps, Spyine does not need the user to Root the target Android phone. While other apps ask for many privileges, it provides efficient functions to its user without indulging in intrusive activities.

This software is easy to use and secure for its user.

10 best spy apps for Android

Spyine ensures that only its user is viewing the dashboard. It also gives intimation in case of any danger. As this software can hide, so there is no chance of spying being caught. Spyine features the finest stealth mode that makes it totally invisible to the target.

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After installment, this app disappears from the desktop. It works silently in the background and consumes negligible battery, which makes the app impossible to detect.

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Even though all the information can be seen online, it is necessary to keep the data in a safe and presentable way. This spying software has a handy online dashboard that stores data in a way that any user can navigate through it very easily. Everything is neatly categorized and just a click away for the user to see. Another key feature of this app is its astonishing small size.

This app is 2MB in size, which is less than most apps.

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This helps it make the free spy app for Android undetectable, because, in case of occupying more space, the target would have inquired about space issues. Spyine official website: www. In Android, after installing the Spyine on the target phone, this spying-software provides the option to hide its icon, and it runs in a low-key way, which makes spying undetectable. This app provides the option of deleting it from the target's phone in case of any problem.

The app can be deleted through the online dashboard, which is accessible from any web browser. Step 1: Use your email ID to create a Spyine account.