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It also tracks public activity on Facebook, and provides call and text message screening for Android devices. Limitations exist on iOS platforms. The app has extensive alert functionality. You can set safe areas for your child on a map and receive instant alerts if he or she leaves the designated zone. Known best for its protective and anti-malware software, Norton has become a major player in the parental control space.

Your subscription works on unlimited devices, which is popular among large families with multiple phones or tablets per person.

Install without limitations on any computer, tablet, or phone your child uses. The feature that sets Norton apart is its nuanced website control. In addition to site blocking, location monitoring, and time limits, this solution offers site logs — including YouTube video lists and snippets. If kids disagree, they can submit an access request for parents to review from within the app.

It also offers Instant Lock, which renders devices useless without an access pin. Screen-time limits apply across all devices, but are not compatible with Macs. Call and text tracking is less invasive than some programs. Instead of blanket tracking, it lets you choose select conversations to monitor. Some reviews say the web extension that limits access is easily disabled by crafty teens. The subscription cost is device-based, meaning the price goes up every time you install it on another phone or tablet.

Parents can use this to block apps and set screen-time rules for mobile devices. It blocks inappropriate content across browsers — even in private mode — and shows a timeline with previews of all the sites your child visits. You can set limits for screen time across all devices, with schedules for total device and specific app usage capped by a total time allotment across all devices.

The program monitors time spent on social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and more. It offers call and text monitoring, along with location and a panic button your child can use to call for help. It works on the Kindle if you want to protect Amazon devices. The pricing plan, however, is expensive for a family with many devices.

Net Nanny offers advanced web filtering categories that can evaluate when certain terms are used profanely or in a medical context. You can set content as block, warn, or allow and choose to mask swear words with symbols on unrestricted sites. The program uses email alerts to keep parents up to date. Kids can request access to a site, and then parents can remotely approve or uphold the block.

How to track anyone's phone location without them knowing! This was used on me😱

Detailed site logs make it easy to tell when a conversation about inappropriate content is in order. Parents can determine certain days and times when each user may access his or her devices, or set a total amount of allotted time in half hour increments for the week. Net Nanny applies time limits to overall Internet usage across all devices and platforms. This service does not offer location monitoring options. Boomerang automatically includes safe search when your child is using its proprietary browser. In addition, you can monitor YouTube activity and search history. When installed, it can block any new apps your child tries to download until you explicitly approve them, and encourage usage of always-approved apps.

Parents may set a daily time allocation and a schedule for when usage is allowed — including a bedtime shutoff time. You may also set ad hoc time outs that disable all device features except emergency calling until parental approval is granted. Unlike many location-tracking programs, Boomerang lets you to create custom-drawn geofence limits and then receive a notification if your child violates the boundaries you set up.

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