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In addition to more powerful reminders, the Premium version gets you unlimited habits the free version is limited to 5 , better stats, a passcode feature you can use to lock the app, and a light theme. In fact, when you try add more than 5 habits with the Premium version you get a pop-up that encourages you not to make too many habits at once. Productive also has an Apple Watch app that allows you to check off habits without your phone, which is easy to read and has large touch targets that make it more functional than a lot of Apple Watch apps.

But the support for Shortcuts is somewhat limited when compared to Streaks. Habitica is a different approach to habit tracking that applies the concept of gamification to creating or eliminating habits. Like all RPGs, the goal is to make your character as powerful as possible.

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This is done by repeating positive habits and avoiding negative ones. The first thing you do when you launch Habitica is create an account and design your character. Like any good RPG, you can control the class of your character as well as customizing their physical appearance. Habits can be either positive or negative, with good habits giving you experience, gold, or mana for completing them and bad habits causing you to lose health or mana.

Where Habitica really shines though is the social features. Peer pressure is a great accountability tool for positive behavioral change, and Habitica uses this mechanism brilliantly. You can go to the Tavern if you want to chat with other Habitica users, but you can also join up with other players in a Party or a Guild. Once you create or join a party, you are able to communicate with other members of your party and embark on challenges where you can fight monsters and earn prizes.

Habit Tracking: The Best Habit Apps For Your iPhone — The Sweet Setup

Another community aspect of Habitica is guilds. A guild is a social group within Habitica that allows users to discuss similar interests and participate in group challenges. Unlike parties, guilds are free to join, and allow you to connect with other like-minded individuals who can help keep your motivation high. Unlike Streaks or Productive, Habitica has its roots as a web app.

It is available natively on both iOS and Android, but it is also accessible on the web. It is also mostly free to use, although you can purchase Gems via an in-app purchase which allow you to buy costumes for your avatar, backgrounds, and a few other things. There are a ton of habit tracking apps out there for iOS. Tangerine is interesting because in addition to helping you build new habits like the rest of the apps we looked at, it is also a mood tracker. Tap the button below the date and you can log how your day went, what contributed, and how you felt about it using a few simple prompts.

Tangerine also has great widget support, with a Cards widget that opens straight to the desired habit when you tap on the appropriate card. Henry was the most delightful surprise out of all the apps we tested.

What's it about?

Like Tangerine, it takes a more holistic approach to your overall wellbeing by incorporating a simple mood tracker in addition to your daily habits. It has a unique personality as you are guided through the app by Henry, a cute fox character that explains the basics of behavioral change and helps you get your habits set up. In addition to streaks and stats, Henry also offers motivational quotes to keep you going and a timed break feature that lets you select from a few different nature settings. This feature reminded us a lot of our favorite meditation app , minus the vocal guide.

Speaking of which, the widgets in Henry are fantastic. In addition to triggering a break, you can also see your streak data, how many habits you have left, even log your emotional state straight from the widget. It lacks the automation features in Streaks, but if you want something a little more fun, check out Henry.

Strides is a very powerful habit tracking app that allows you to track things four different ways:. All of the Strides Plus plans give you an unlimited number of habits, a web app, sync between devices, and a whole lot more. Habitify Premium also gives you access on all platforms, allowing you to track your habits on your Mac as well. HabitShare is a social habit tracker that adds an element of accountability by letting you share your habits with your friends. Unfortunately, the app itself is a bit clunky when compared to something like Streaks. It is also completely free, which makes us question the longevity of this app.

But if you like the social accountability aspect and can convince some friends to track habits with you, this might be for you.

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If you like charts, graphs, and trend lines, Way of Life may be for you. It provides a ridiculous amount of customization when it comes to analyzing your habits. There are five to choose from, including a Dark and an Even Darker theme. Instead, you search for and join a community with a pre-defined focus or goal. You can then ask questions, get encouragement, and find accountability within that community. But if you want to join a group of friends in creating habits together, we still prefer Habitica. Done is a simple habit tracker that uses horizontal bar graphs to track progress on your habits.

You can pick from their selection of photo covers or use any of your own photos. Habit List is a solid app that has been around for a long time.

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It has a clean, intuitive user interface with all the basic features you need. You can get this info by tapping on the task and leaving your list, but we prefer the way both Streaks and Productive show you this data.

The Best Sleep-Tracking App

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I purchased the Premium version because I wanted to hear what noises I could possibly be making at night. The sound recording seems to work only intermittently, despite the fact that the phone is about a foot from my head and the mic sensitivity is on high. It also will sometimes record several notes a minute, for about minutes, and those notes end up being empty when I've gone to listen.

Also, the sleep aid music worked before I paid for the app when I was going to sleep. Now if only works when I'm not using my watch. It does work for naps on my watch, just not when I'm going to bed at night.