10. Using a Spy App

For Android owners, Webroot offers the all-in-one Mobile Security for Android app that provides antivirus protection and allows you to remotely locate, lock up and wipe your phone in the event you lose track of it. For iOS users, Webroot also offers a free secure web browser for increased mobile security on your iPhone and iPad. Remember—if the thought of hacking has you tossing and turning at night, you can just turn the phone off, remove the battery and hide it under your pillow for some sweet lithium-ion induced dreams. Or, you can double down on securing your mobile devices with mobile security solutions offering secure web browsing and real-time defense against phishing attacks.

Evaluating cybersecurity for your home or business? How to Secure Your Phone From Hackers If you want to be proactive, there are several measures you can take to protect yourself against phone hacking , most of which involve common sense. For example: Basic Phone Security Tips For casual phone users, adhering to the basics is a great place to start when it comes to blocking simple hacking efforts: Never leave your phone unattended.

Keeping your phone with you at all times while in a public place is the first, best rule to follow. Your phone likely comes with a simple, predictable default password, and those who know can use this to their advantage. Manage your Bluetooth Security. Avoid unsecured public WiFi. It practically clones the target phone and offers you an insight on every aspect from messages, iMessages, call list, GPS location, social media, etc.

Out of all the functions and features that Minspy offers, the keylogging facility takes the cake.

Set Up procedure

With the help of this feature, you can also view the messages that were deleted or other key inputs that the users of the iPhone made. Even with intense competition in the field, it has retained a place for itself through good procedures, better interface and ease of functioning. Spying in itself can be a little tricky but this web based app makes the process very easy and prompt. The simplification offered by Minspy to spy on an iPhone deserves an award.

You need no direct or even indirect interface with the target iPhone. The process is absolutely remote. All can be done and dusted in an immensely convenient way. You would not face any suspicion of any sort when spying. This is because of the absolute discreteness this app tends to offer. Being web based and with no requirement of software installation or jailbreaking, Minspy is adored by spy app users. One experiences extreme ease in using Minspy. It takes only a couple of minutes to access, view and discover all sorts of activities on the target iPhone.

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Below are the procedures involved in allowing one to spy on an iphone:. You can use your email to register the same. Post registration, you will be presented with multiple plans that you can choose from. You can assess your needs, budgets and volume to decide which plan you want. When you have chosen a plan, you can buy it. On purchase of the plan, you will receive an elaborate email for set up in the form of a set up link.

How to Hack a Phone Without Physical Access | Tech Times

The steps will explicitly and elaborately state the set up procedure. You will just need to follow the instructions as stated. As and when the software is installed, the app will then seek information regarding the target device. Post selecting iOS as the target platform, you need to enter the iCloud credentials. The reason it is called Midnight Raid is this attack is usually pulled off during the night when the user is asleep, and the cell phone is left unattended on the side table or is plugged in for charging.

It all begins with a text message which clearly demonstrates how easy it is to get access to somebody. This simple message invokes the Internet Explorer on the target device when it receives the text message. Then an application is run on the phone to retrieve data. The app can easily steal any information from the device. One can even push viruses to the device they are hacking, or initiate a denial of service DDOS attack. Control Message Attacks involve sending a control message on the device you want to hack.

When you send the control message to the phone, you get access to the settings menu of the target cell phone. In this kind of hack, you can control the settings of the device and the user would have no knowledge of this. You can easily uncheck SSL and leave the device vulnerable.

How to Prevent Phone Hacking and Protect Your Cell Phone

After that, you can push a wipe command that deletes all the information stored on the device. Attacking via text messages is the easiest way to hack a cell phone. While attempting to hack a cell phone, it is important to consider the kind of smartphones susceptible to these attacks. It greatly depends on the security settings of the device. According to a report from Gartner analyst John Girard, security issues arise as wireless devices become more prevalent. Most of the protocols which mobile phones use are not completely secure—not to mention old! A device always identifies a cell tower using its IMSI number, but the cell tower does not have to.

As the cell phones connect to the nearest cell tower that emits the strongest signal on themselves, it is rather easy to lure a device into connecting to a fake cell tower. This method is known by several names. Stingray happens to be a mobile surveillance device that presents itself as a cell tower and shows itself as a reliable infrastructure. This way, the smartphones you wish to hack into easily connect to these cell towers. One can place these stingrays in fixed locations or in a drone or a vehicle. Apart from detecting the location of the users of the targeted device, these devices also help in intercepting text messages and calls from the targeted devices as well as the devices within the targeted vicinity.

They basically work by spoofing as a genuine cell tower and then intercept the signals in the surrounding area. Stingrays can identify individual phones and then, hack their data.

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Sometimes, they can even listen to calls, record them and track movements of the monitored phone user. Once you trick your device into connecting to the false towers, you can easily read the unencrypted content and other communications the tower transmits to you. IMSI catchers are quite common in law enforcement, but over the period of recent years, they have become widespread amongst hackers and private investigators.

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Although an approximately year-old protocol, signaling system 7 SS7 connects the majority of the mobile networks worldwide. It allows you to benefit from services like roaming and call forwarding. Therefore, this protocol has become a bit rusty just like its security. Hacking into this protocol lets you track the location of your target cell phone around the globe and even monitor their incoming and outgoing text messages and calls.

You would only need the associated number. The apps on our smartphones have access to all the information on our phones. They can easily access our contacts, images, browsing history, login credentials and even our account details and locations. Even though some of the information is present in the encrypted form, all you need is a keylogger spyware app to record all the activity going on the phone. A keylogger app records the keystrokes before they get encrypted.

You will need physical access to the phone to install the keylogger app. No one installs a malicious app on their phones knowingly. With the help of phishing schemes, you can lure your target with fake versions of legitimate sites to extract credentials. These websites are becoming more sophisticated and seem just like the original sites. If you somehow fool your target in accessing and giving their information to these sites, you can easily hack into their phones. Opting for this method lets you fool the phone user whose phone you want to hack. Usually, people use their Google account for everything that they do online.

Their Google account is connected to their social media accounts, online shopping accounts, schools, colleges, as well as their bank accounts. Google sends that code to the target phone and that is why you send a spam message to get access to that code. With just their number, you can fool someone to get access to their Google account.

You can access all emails, social media accounts, map locations and even where they have shopped. Anyone can set up a Wi-Fi Hotspot. And whoever operates the network can easily see the unencrypted traffic that goes through it. This applies to both mobile and Wi-Fi operators. Although a carrier happens to be a legit company that operates networks while sticking to a number of regulations, a common man can set a Wi-Fi hotspot easily. If there is a certain person whose phone you want to hack but have no way of accessing it, here is what you can do:. It is also a way to lure in unsuspecting customers.