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This feature can work in two ways: through true message forwarding or an app that makes a copy and sends the message to you independently from the original one.

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The second method is always better because it is harder to get caught. In the first case, the victim can see the increased bills if he or she pays for every sent message. Sometimes, auto-forwarding can be down with the pre-installed applications. Before searching for a secondary app, look at the already installed software. This tip is valid for both Android and iOS devices. It will be enough to take a screenshot and then read the information what was displayed.

Therefore, the tracked person will see the tracking. You can imagine the legend to explain, why the victim would lose vigilance. From our experience and that of other users, we know that it is very hard. In , people are very cautious with everything related to personal data safety. Parental controls apps were created to track children, a situation in which you do not need to keep the tracking hidden. Some mobile operators, such as Vodafone and T-Mobile, have an official online dashboard.

Some of the mobile operators also allow you to look at the call history and received or sent messages. Just a few operators show the full text, and the most often it is only the phone numbers. For example, you can see if your girlfriend spoke to her ex-boyfriend. If the dashboard exists and information is collected, you will need to do the following:.

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For verification, you may need to type the code from an SMS message. To get the code, have the target phone in your hands or create a reason for the target person to share the code with you. The former is better because it keeps your activities completely hidden.

Just do not forget to delete the verification message from the phone. This method is not always available. It sounds strange, but you can spy on text messages without an application.

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If you want to track information about your spouse, child, or anyone else try to read their text messages offline. You can do so when the victim is sleeping, taking a shower, working, or doing something else and not paying attention to their phone. It may sound illogical, but people are not always in possession of their phones.

Nevertheless, reading SMS messages, looking at photos, and so on is possible without the help of software.

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Pay attention: if the person always holds his or her smartphone and cares too much about it, he or she may be hiding something. In this case, do not try to read the messages offline but use some of the methods we mentioned above. In , there is not only classic SMS messaging but also modern technologies—messengers.

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Messengers are applications for writing text messages and sending multimedia, such as photos, videos, and voice messages. The most popular messengers in the world are the following:.


WeChat is very popular in China only, and the rest are well known around the world. WeChat is a Chinese messenger with almost one billion users. China is the main market, but in , the messenger became popular in other countries as well. To spy on WeChat, you can use Snoopza or any other spy application. WeChat is well-secured software, which makes the hacking almost impossible. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in , which is why questions about spying on WhatsApp coming to us often.

Spying on WhatsApp even without spy apps is easy. Alternatively, you can open Web WhatsApp and look at all the chat logs on your computer. Viber is the main competitor of WhatsApp. Developers are paying high attention to the security, so it is difficult to track Viber messages. However, difficult does not mean impossible, and with Snoopza, you can track all Viber activities.

You will see not only texts, but also get the photos, videos, and other content. Snapchat is a new messenger but is already quite popular. The most frequent question is how to take a screenshot of the conversation. With a spy application, you can do it! Of course, it is not an official feature, but it is a great way to track someone. It is also the way to take and save screenshots. Telegram is the most secure messenger. Even the USA government cannot read the messages that are sent between Telegram users.

Do not be hopeless. You can spy on Telegram as well.

Several phone manufacturers have phone finding services as part of their software experience. One notable example is Samsung. You log in with your Samsung account and you can find your device with its service. You can lock or unlock your phone, find it on a map, and there are other features as well. XNSPY is a bit of a weird case. It has all of those frightening features like monitoring call logs, GPS tracking, monitoring web browsing, access chats, and all kinds of other tracking stuff.

However, it goes for less than most of its bigger competitors like FlexiSpy and Spyera. The basic version lets you look at some stuff while the premium version lets you look at everything. This is a good option for businesses or families with some money to spend, but families may want to try Google Family Link or Kiddie Parental Controls before something more powerful like this.

Of course, some of these apps may be on your device without your knowledge and you may want to find out. However, there are a few ways to see if something may be spying on you.

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Find the best new apps. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. Get a free phone spy app and take a look — completely remotely. Here are some of the main ones. You can actually discover every keystroke typed on their phone. All you need is the right free mobile tracker subscription. Everyone saves pics and videos on their phone. But are the ones stored on their device harmless or controversial? A free cell phone tracker can help you find out. A free mobile tracker app like mSpy can tell you exactly that.

Experience the full potential of a parental control app for free with our Free Trial. We use cookies to give you the best experience. Monitoring Social Apps Be aware of whom your children are talking to on the Internet and protect them from cyberbullying or online predators. Keylogger Track every keystroke on the device with the Keylogger feature. How can I track a phone for free? How does free cell phone tracking work? Is mobile tracker free safe?

how to spy and read someones messages without having to touch there phones. catch a cheater.

How to secretly track a cell phone location for free? How to track an Android phone for free?

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How to track an iPhone for free? Can I monitor a phone for free by its number only? Can you monitor more than one device per subscription? Contacts Some free spy apps have limited functionality, not letting you peer into their phone the way you want. Snapchat Worried about the messages they send and receive on Snapchat? Skype While not as popular as other social media chat apps, Skype still maintains a strong following. Telegram With more and more people looking to social media chat apps that feel more secure than WhatsApp and Messenger, Telegram has quickly gained a massive following.

Kik With the right free mobile tracker subscription, you can look through all messages remotely and even see timestamps of every Kik message that was sent or received.