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WhatsApp Scan Pro technique of hacking WhatsApp chats is performed by sending a photo to the target device and tempting the owner to open the message. The WSP developer attaches a hidden virus file with this photo.

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As soon as the target user opens the file, WSP starts scanning the QR codes which are being updated every 10 seconds. This process establishes a connection with the target device and remotely allows access to all the WhatsApp chats to the hacker. In the case of WSP 3. Bluetooth tracking is ideal if the target device is in your vicinity.

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Bluetooth can establish a connection with the devices within a range of around 50 meters. The data transmission takes place at an extremely low frequency and hence there are no chances of detecting the identity of the hacker. Many applications can track WhatsApp chats via Bluetooth in 5 easy steps:. It requires physical access to the target device to retrieve some data before using the Spoofing method to hack WhatsApp data.

You can follow the below procedure to use the method:. Install Busy Box and Terminal Emulator on the monitoring device. You will receive the verification code on the target device.

How to Read WhatsApp Account without Touching Someone’s Phone

Use this verification code on your device to log in to the WhatsApp account of the target. And now you are ready to receive all the chat messages of the target device on your smartphone. These were some of the most effective methods to hack WhatsApp remotely without being detected. Though each one of these methods has some unique features that make it better than others, NEXSPY is the best way to hack WhatsApp on iPhone or android phoneamong them all.

Here are some of the exclusive features that set it apart from others.

7 Ways to Hack Someone’s WhatsApp without Their Phone

Monitor WhatsApp messages to detect suspicious words. Capture WhatsApp screenshots to detect suspicious photos. NEXSPY can be used to take screenshots of the WhatsApp chats on the target device and send you an alert in case your child is receiving or sending any inappropriate pictures.

Record WhatsApp keystrokes to know everything typed on WhatsApp. Besides, it also records the pasted text on the app to help you take necessary action to safeguard your kid if needed. This feature allows you to protect your children from potential harm. With the vast growth of the internet and not-so-much control on the content and activities in the area, parents want to take preventative measures to safeguard their children from harmful activities of cyberbullies and from watching inappropriate content.

WhatsApp is known as a cross-platform app. Facebook currently owns the respective software.

5 Ways Your WhatsApp Messages Can Be Hacked

The popularity of WhatsApp is only likely to grow because of the user-friendliness and a large number of features. Apart from making voice calls and sending text messages, WhatsApp supports multimedia content as well. Creating private chat groups is another attractive feature associated with this app. Teenagers and younger generation embrace all these features wholeheartedly. Due to their intense curiosity, kids will try to get in contact with various individuals across the globe. In other words, WhatsApp can make anyone vulnerable to an endless society that comprises of many different individuals.

So, as a parent, it is always better to monitor WhatsApp activities of your kids. Instead, please use these methods for the greater good and keep your kids away from potential dangers. Besides, click here for the full Chatous chat app review. Now that you know the uses of a WhatsApp hacking tool, you might be wondering about the best tool. Although there are plenty of hacking or spying tools, only some of them work as promised. More importantly, some of those so-called spying tools contain malware too.

So, it is exceptionally important to find a reliable and safe monitoring tool. We have done plenty of research about hacking apps available in the market. However, only several apps can match the criteria we are looking for.

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A researcher has discovered a nasty vulnerability in the Facebook-owned privacy-oriented messenger that made it possible to for attackers to gain access to your files and messages. WhatsApp has recently patched a critical security vulnerability in its app for Android, which remained unpatched for at least 3 months after being discovered, and if exploited, could have allowed remote hackers to compromise Android devices and potentially steal files and chat messages.

It is suggested that the vulnerability worked using a simple process wherein a hacker would send the malicious GIF to a user.