Chapter 13 - Data Processing Pipelines

Once the review is completed this information should be updated in the record together with the anticipated publication date. The bibliographic reference and electronic links to publications should be added to the record by the authors. Reminder emails with detailed instructions on what to do, are sent on the anticipated completion and publication dates. You can make changes to the protocol and submit it as an update and it will be processed as for a new review.

It is important to decide if you are updating a review, or in fact because of changes to the protocol, are doing a new review. The following definitions have been provided to help you decide. It can still be considered an update even if the new search reveals no additional studies. Any newly identified studies should be assessed and, if appropriate, incorporated into the updated review.

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An update might also be an opportunity to conduct new analyses or add additional information to the review. It can be difficult to decide whether an update to a review is in fact a new review.

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There is little published guidance on this. If changes to the review questions or methods are so substantial that they require major changes to the original protocol, this should be regarded as a new review rather than an update. Examples that would constitute a new review:. If in doubt, a new record for a new review should be created.

This will minimise the complexity of the editing to the original record in PROSPERO and make it easier for users to distinguish between the original review and the later version. Links between the new and original review can be added in field 37 in the registration form. The following guidance notes follow the format of the registration form. The guidance includes a description and example of what is required for each of the fields within each section.

Action will be taken if inaccuracies in data, particularly stage of review and anticipated completion date , are identified at any time. PROSPERO records need to be fully searchable so the information requested needs to be in the fields, even if access to a protocol is given in Field The records are permanent but links are not. We therefore do not accept submissions that refer the reader to the protocol without providing the basic information in the fields. PROSPERO for animal studies is an international database of prospectively registered systematic reviews of animal studies relevant to human health.

You should therefore have the necessary resources in place to complete the review before you register your protocol notification of award of research funding or firm commitment that author time is available for unfunded projects. This opens a page that encourages you to check that your review will meet the inclusion criteria and that the review is not already registered.

If you are happy to continue, open the registration form by clicking on the "Register a systematic review of animal research studies study subjects are animals that is of direct relevance to human health" link. This opens a page where you are asked to confirm your review is eligible for inclusion and sufficiently different from any other review registered. If you are happy to confirm the information you may proceed to the registration form by clicking on the "Register a review" link.

This will take you to the electronic registration form which has 26 required fields and 14 optional fields.

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All subfields of required fields, marked with a red asterisk, must be completed before the protocol can be submitted. If they meet the inclusion criteria, they are checked for clarity of content before either being approved and published on the register, returned for clarification, or rejected. We endeavour to provide an update within five working days. If you wish to enquire on the progress of your submission please contact the administration team by email using the details on the contact page. However, the original document submitted will remain in the register to provide a permanent record for the audit trail and for reference.

Should your submission be rejected for registration, the record will be locked and no further edits can be made.

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Further access to the record for editing is not possible without contacting us by email using the details on the contact page. It is important to decide if you are updating a review, or in fact are doing a new review because of changes to the protocol. We can therefore not accept submissions in which only a link to a protocol registered elsewhere is provided, without providing the basic information in the fields. Completing these questions before registration is intended to prevent you wasting time filling out a form if your project is not eligible for PROSPERO.

We do not have funds or resource to process applications for reviews that are being done only for training purposes. This means we cannot accept registrations for mini reviews restricted to a subset of eligible studies, for demonstrator reviews where a whole class is doing the same systematic review, or any other projects that are less than full systematic reviews. You can also save your entry as a pdf to show to teachers or supervisors.

Checking to see if a similar review already exists is good practice and should be one of the first steps taken in systematic review. Knowingly repeating an existing systematic review is not necessarily wrong but to avoid research waste there should be a good reason for doing this - e. If you are deliberately repeating a systematic review you should make the reasons for this clear in the registration record, in your full protocol and in the outputs of your completed review. If you find a similar review registered in PROSPERO, but are unsure if it is the same or if it will be completed, we suggest that you contact the person responsible for the review to find out.

However all registrations are dated and a journal may decline to publish a review that has deliberately repeated a registered review without due justification. We strongly encourage you to write your protocol before completing the registration form although you may proceed without doing this. We strongly recommend that you follow best practice and include more than one person in the review team. At present you may continue as a single author, but in future PROSPERO may only accept registrations if there is more than one person conducting the review.

This requires that the results of systematic reviews should be made publicly available e. We therefore do not accept registrations from systematic reviews that will not be made available to others e. The inclusion criteria for registration are explained in the guidance.

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If after reading the guidance you are unsure if your review is within scope please contact the help desk by email using the details on the contact page to inquire. We look forward to receiving future submissions from you. Word limits are provided for each section. You will be unable to submit the form if the word limits are exceeded for any section.

Registrant means the person filling out the form. Your password request has been confirmed. Please log in with your new password. See our privacy notice here. Please enter your email address and the new password you would like and hit the Reset button. An email will be sent to you immediately with a link to confirm that your change as been completed. Please note, your email address, postal address and name will be used to populate automatically any records you create and will therefore be published with the records.

We are receiving a huge volume of emails enquiring about progress. Answering these takes time away from processing records, so we ask that you only email should it be absolutely necessary. We thank you for your understanding in advance. This is intended to reduce potential for bias by reducing the opportunity for conscious or subconscious selection or manipulation of data during extraction to shape a review so that it reaches a desired conclusion. We also recognise that registration before then may be challenging for reviews being done to a short timeline or strict deadline.

Records are now date stamped to show initial submission date and date of receipt of revised records for those returned to authors for amendment , as well as registration date. Authors should have written a full protocol before they register and provide full and specific details on their methods in the PROSPERO registration record. PROSPERO has limited resource and is unable to process student work done as part of their training these handling them takes time away from full projects intended for publication.

Side Effects

Students may use the system to create and store a record by saving but please do not submit. Substantial reviews done for dissertations or theses may be registered but will require email confirmation by supervisors. We are working to resolve these and hope to resume the automatic registration of Cochrane protocols over the coming months.

Please help us by agreeing to participate in a short on-line survey that should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. Yes please, send me the link No thanks. We will add your email address to a list that we will use to send you a link to the above survey. By agreeing to participate in the survey, you give your consent for us to do so. We will not hold or use this information for any other purpose and we will not share with any third party.

We do not use profiling or automated decision-making processes. Your code has expired. Please contact us by email using the details on the contact page to get a new code. Email: crd-register-2 york.