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It let you know about your workforce activity and children at the time and place you want. Social messaging apps have become the norm in society, and everyone uses it for verbal and non-verbal communication. You can track all information, data, and time duration of every activity performed on target android phones and tablets. You can spy on WhatsApp messages, conversations, group conversations, contacts, audio-video live streaming logs, and voice messages with the best OgyMogy WhatsApp Spy App. You can get the logs with the schedule. Parents can slide all the social messaging apps under their radar, including a WhatsApp social media app.

They can track and prevent teens' risky activities on the WhatsApp instant messenger app, such as talking to strangers and sharing their photos, videos, and other stuff. Besides, protect teens from bullies online, sexual predators, and sexual solicitation with the best android WhatsApp tracker. The monitoring of instant messengers enables parents to track and prevent all the activities that could be dangerous for teens.

Top 12 WhatsApp Spy Softwares

The cross-platform enables the user to share documents, conversations, messages, and voice calls activities. Probably one of the most outstanding features that attracts people is that they can easily communicate with friends and family members who are living abroad. They should not pay for international calls and text messages anymore as WhatsApp allows quick connection via Internet. To use this app, you need a smartphone or tablet and the Internet connection. As the app gives users the opportunity to chat, share information and different files, it becomes more and more popular among youth.

However, while being very useful, it increases the risks connected with the Internet usage. Oversharing information, online predators, sexting are the common problems children may face when using WhatsApp.

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The statistics from the Paw Research Center proves that children may have troubles while going online and sharing personal information. Not without a reason, many parents want to monitor WhatsApp messages to protect their kids from all possible dangers and risks. Most dangers teenagers face today are closely connected with the mobile devices usage and unlimited online experience.

Monitoring software allows to keep your little darlings from all online dangers. Parental controls will help you save your child from undesirable practice of communicating with strangers or being offended or harmed by peers. I wanted to make sure he was not cyberbullied, so I started to use Pumpic to follow his WhatsApp experience.

I also appreciate the opportunity to check the current location of my son at any time. Thank you! We cannot control the websites they go to all the time, so we block improper links and sites with the help of different functions Pumpic provides. But at the same time I want to be sure that she is safe. Luckily, Pumpic gives such an opportunity. In an iPhone, you can use cloud account details to set up the app.

Part 2: How to read someones whatsapp messages without their phone?

To receive all the spying data, you need to login into your account at my. This is another free spying app you can use.


This app is free to use and compatible with android and iPhone. You can use it to spy WhatsApp on any type of phone. To use this app, you have to sign up and create your account. You also need to set up the app on the phone. After the setup, you can log in and choose the WhatsApp Spy option from all the options given on the dashboard.

This is another free spying app. You can use this app to spy on WhatsApp. However, this app is only compatible with android phones and tablets.

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You cannot use it to spy on your iPhone. After that, you need to download and install the app on the phone. Once the installation is done, you can log in to your account.

Top 10 WhatsApp Last Seen Online Tracker Apps for Android

It is also a phone spying app. You can use this app for spying on WhatsApp.

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This app supports WhatsApp spying. It is a paid spying app, but you can use this app for free. It comes with a free trial period. You can use it in the trial period to spy for free. This app is compatible with android and iPhone. You can use it to spy on any of the phones. To spy on WhatsApp, you have to create your account. After that, you need to download and install the app on the android phone. If it is an iPhone, you can use cloud account details. The last step is to log in to your account and use the WhatsApp Spy option.

2. iKeyMonitor

It will help you to spy on all the WhatsApp activities. This is another mobile tracking app you can use. This app is compatible with the android phone, iPhone, iPad, and tablet. You can use it to spy on any device. It is a free spying app. To use this spying app, you need to create your account. Once it is done, you can install the app on the phone. To install this app, you need to download it on an android phone. For iPhone, you can use cloud account details. To start spying, you have to log in to the account and select the WhatsApp Spy option from the dashboard.

You can also use the TotoSpy app to spy on WhatsApp for free.