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10 Top Hidden Free Android Spy Apps For Remote Monitoring [2021]

Is someone spying on you? Let Anti Spy handle that. Block virus spyware, prevent unauthorized tracking and surveillance monitoring by our anti-malware app. The spyware detection algorithm helps you get rid of the spyware and know spyware details. Our privacy scanner takes you incognito against any vulnerability. The AI engine monitors the behavior of apps and processes.

Any opportunity to spy on you using spyware, trojans, and other malware is proactively prevented. Thanks to the real-time scanner and heuristic scanning methods, even unknown spy headers are reported. It facilitates the Android users to approach someone's login credentials and credit card details. This app shows text messages and all social media activities.

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You can track your target's location via GPS tracking, sim card tracking, and geofencing. Moreover, Minspy brings security and safety to the data and does not let it be stolen. The application provides information carried on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, and Facebook. It spies on the photos, videos, documents, links, and messages carried on the social applications and shows them on the dashboard. The software has a stealth mode, which hides the application from the display of the target Android phone.

It works in the background consuming lesser energy and space of the phone, which makes it work vigilantly. So its stealth mode saves the application from getting exposed to the target. Spyzie provides a remote solution to track your target in real-time remotely. It allows Android users to access the calls, text messages, and other social apps of your target.

With the assistance of Spyzie, users can browse their contacts list and call logs. This app allows tracking the target's location via GPS tracking and geofence alert precisely. It also provides a solution to view the activities of WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, etc. The activities include tracking the conversation shared by the target on his social apps, the profile photo, and the name of a contacted person.

It also monitors and displays photos, videos, important links, and other important information. Spyzie also has a geo-fence alert feature. It lets the user create areas around the map, so whenever the target enters or leaves that specific place, the user gets a notification. With this assistance, the user can know which areas the target often visits and what his activities are. Neatspy is another spy app which offers spying features to users for their target Android phone.

It allows users to monitor the real-time location and creates no-go zones with Geo-fencing. With the help of its Stealth mode, you can hide the app from the display and monitor the target's device without knowing. It lets the user view the call logs, timestamps, and phone numbers. Neatspy allows us to see browser history, WhatsApp individual and group messages, including media files.

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The browser history tracking feature tracks the search sites of the target, frequency of his visits, favorite sites, and bookmarks on the browser. The software also contributes to show the messages carried on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, etc.

It monitors the deleted messages as well and displays them on the control panel via auto-retrieve. It also monitors the shared media such as photos, videos, important data such as passwords and credit card details shared through messages.

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FoneMonitor helps to monitor the target Android phone vigilantly by using stealth mode that hides it from the home screen of the target phone. It can track the location of the target with the help of GPS tracking sim card tracking. The application works to provide the shared messaging and calls activity accompanying time duration of chat and call.

The application also spies on the target's social media activity by spying on his messages, photos, videos, important documents, and links. The application also displays the contacted person's display picture and name. It has a message tracking feature that tracks the messages shared on the target phone. It shows the contact information and pictures placed on their contacts.

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It monitors the target phone and shows the installed application on it. It does not require rooting the target Android phone and performs all the functions without causing any harm to the warranty of the phone. TeenSafe is mainly built for children's protection from online crimes and cyberbullying.

It lets the user record the screen activity of the target on his phone.

Part 1: Spyier

Moreover, the application records the keystrokes made on the target Android phone. This significant feature records important information typed by the target, which includes their login credentials and credit card details. The application can also spy on deleted messages, applications, call history, or browser history. So if the target deletes any information, the user can play a smarter move.

It shows the controversial words or bullying messages shared through the target phone and highlights them. This helps the user to know the activities of the target. The application racks the messaging activity and call activity of the target and displays the time duration of the call and messaging carried on the phone.

The application also has a geofence feature, which creates areas around the e-map. It helps the user to know what areas the target visits. Cocospy works to provide geofence alerts by which users can create geofences across e-map. So whenever the target goes around those places, the user gets a notification. CocoSpy also spies on the target's social media, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Viber, monitoring his conversation and shared multimedia, including photos, videos, and documents.

If the target deletes any text message or information from his social media, the application still displays it to the user via auto-retrieve. The application uses GPS to navigate through the target's location and display his slightest movements, and also shows the neighborhood areas of the place.

The app shows the messaging activity of the target. If the target deletes any message, CocoSpy still monitors the messages and displays them by auto-retrieving the messages. The app does not require rooting the target Android phone. They will try to provide the service buyers with the information required in a how to spy mobile phone free detailed, reliable way.

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