How Find My protects your privacy

If you're still having trouble, you can call Customer Service or take the device to a Verizon store for help. You can let additional people track your Smart Locator and receive its notifications by adding contacts through the Smart Locator Hub app:. The new contact will receive a text message invitation. The Smart Locator will start to beep.

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Once you find the Smart Locator, press the button on the Smart Locator to turn the beeping off. This will send the owner and anyone else set to receive location alerts a notification that includes the location of the Smart Locator. You can track your Smart Locator in real time, however, this significantly drains your Smart Locator's battery. We recommend you only use it when absolutely necessary. You can review up to 60 days of location history. After 60 days this data is automatically deleted. Once on, the map will display all the activity that the Smart Locator had for that day.

To view activity for a different day, use the left and right arrow icons to scroll through your tracking history. When you get your Smart Locator it will be blinking and ready to pair. Blinks green once every 3 seconds : Connected to your charger and charging is in progress.

You've successfully completed a factory reset on your Verizon Smart Locator. Follow the steps to activate the Smart Locator again. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc. Accessibility Resource Center Skip to main content Our stores are open. Order online and choose touchless store pickup. Our stores are open. Personal Business. Close Your Cart Mobile solutions. Home solutions. Page contents. How to use Verizon Smart Locator. How to activate your Smart Locator Expand All. Activate your Smart Locator To activate your Smart Locator: Fully charge your Smart Locator Press and hold the button until your hear a beeping sound and the light comes on green momentarily.

Your Smart Locator is now turned on. Note: The LED light will turn off to conserve battery life. Open the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app on your phone. Select whether you're an existing Verizon customer or are new to Verizon. Note: If you already have a Verizon account, you'll be prompted to sign in to My Verizon.

Review the Verizon Smart Locator plan. When prompted, hold the button on the Verizon Smart Locator for 3 seconds to restart the device. Note: You'll hear the device beep and see the light turn on.

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Wait for the amber light to start to blink, showing the device is active on the Verizon network and ready to finish pairing Note: This can take up to 5 minutes to complete. The device will pair itself to your phone and your Smart Locator account. Note: This can take up to 2 minutes to complete. Having trouble activating? Follow the onscreen prompts to activate the device on a new line. It's listed on the back of your Verizon Smart Locator.

Once your Smart Locator is activated, go back to the Smart Locator Hub app and complete the pairing process. How to turn your Smart Locator on and off Expand All. Turn your Smart Locator on To turn it on: Press and hold the button on the Smart Locator until you hear a beeping sound and the light flashes green momentarily. Release the button.

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Turn your Smart Locator off To turn it off: Press and hold the button on the Smart Locator for 7 seconds until the light blinks amber. Ignore it and continue to press the button until the light blinks amber. Then release the button. Press the button one more time.

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You'll hear a descending tone, and the Smart Locator will turn off. How to manage your device profile Expand All. Tap the photo for the device you want to update. Edit the nickname and photo as desired. You've successfully changed your nickname and photo. For Android OS version 10 or later, select Choose folder and choose where to save the backup file.

How Find My protects your privacy

Copy the digit passphrase from left to right, top to bottom. You will need this passphrase in order to restore a backup. Keep it in a safe place. Confirm that you have written down the passphrase. Select Enable backups. Tap Create backup. You can verify whether or not a backup has completed successfully by checking the time of the last backup. Signal displays wher you can find the backup under the title Backup folder. Go to that folder. Move or save a copy of the backup on a device that is not your phone.

A common method is to use a cable to plug your phone into your computer. Some phone's require you to use a cable that was provided with your phone in order to transfer data. Click here to scroll up to the steps to restore messages. What if my last backup says "Never"? Free up space on your phone. Temporarily unmount or disable your external SD card so the backup can be saved to your internal memory. Where can I find the backup file? Use the files app or plug your phone into a computer to go to the folder.

For older versions of Signal, the backup file signal-year-month-date-time. You may need to respond to the notification that appears on your phone to change the mode to Transfer files MTP. What do I do on my new phone or phone that was reset? Manually move the Signal folder with the backup file to your phone. Install Signal. Select Restore backup. If it is not available, Select Continue. If you selected Continue in step 3, then Accept the permissions.

Signal will automatically detect your local backup and ask you to restore before registration. If it is not detected, try the steps below. If you selected Restore backup in step 3, choose the backup folder and file. Enter your digit passphrase. What if I forget my digit passphrase and need to restore messages on a new phone? Tap Turn on to create a new backup with a new passphrase. I need some more help.