How to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone?

The video will continue untill one of the tabs presented is opened or safari app is closed. Trying to regain the trust of my parents, let me know what i should do. Hope this helps. Trying to regain the trust of my parents, most of you on here are parent i presume so let me know what I should do. Hope this safari glitch helps rid IOS of any screen time bypasses. Again any parents feel free to let me know how to regain trust.

If when you go to put the password in and u put it in wrong pretty sure u have to do this first but maybe not then an option for forgot password comes up click that and reset the password using ur Apple ID password Hope this helps.

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Communicating to your kids is the only necessary thing that needs to strengthen the relationship between your kids not taking their phone away. Seriously Melissa, I think you need to talk to your kid instead of trying to micromanage her entire life like this- It sounds like you are trying to do all of this without having the conversation, or asking her. So easy to disable screen time without any of those methods I coded a. Well done. You dont trust kids like him cuz they are smarter than u btw thanks for the methods, gonna try them out soon!

No other reason for him to spend that many hours in that app. Any thoughts on how to restrict that one? Please email me at [email protected]. I usually use quite a few of these, but you did miss one. Are you saying that in iOS 13 this one has been resolved? One trick my kid has used to watch video in, say, Safari is to hit play and quickly tap the icon for full screen video. Those ingenious kids! If we communicate a hard rule and it is broken, our son will lose his phone for at least a week. So if he plays his phone or uses it at all after the time we have set as the limit, he loses his phone.

How do we know?

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You can see if his phone was used during the night at all. Obviously we have limits on adult content as well. This is a complete pain because it forces you to reset all of the other Screen Time settings. I plan to call Apple about this one to get their attention on it.

This is probably the scariest iPhone hack ever

My kid was sending imessages and texts through games. He would select share score or something similar and a message would pop up, delete the content and type whatever he wanted. Did the contacts time lock and when you access the phone app and select contacts you can still share them through that app so an iMessage will still pop up. The lack of iMessage controls is so frustrating. My kids already knew about most of these, but no one is mentioning this: I have reported the Facetime screen time bypass to Apple 4 times now since IOS 12 was released.

Once Screen Time is enabled and you can lock down every app except the phone app of course … my 11 year old daughter figured out that she can go into her Phone app recent history and click on any Facetime call she made previously and it will dial that contact in Facetime, although the actual Facetime App is completely locked on the home screen.

Yes, thank you. I have another one for you to add to your list! If you set up a website to have content restrictions on a website, you can nonetheless right-click a link to that page in Safari, and download the webpage.

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  8. Then you can view it offline, absent the content restriction. For most static websites, this does the trick pretty well.

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    Added a time limit of 1min for all apps. Updated to latest software. Reset phone. Deleted app and reinstalled it. I have no idea. Did all of your steps as well as the solutions provided in this forum, to no avail. My 7 year old daughter watched endless youtube. I hate it. The Electro-Magnetic Radiation produced by your phone is shown to cause harm on a cellular level and increase risk of certain cancers. And with teenagers especially: it WILL become a mobile porn viewing device covered in nasty….

    And when your child is using technology, you should be able to see their screen at all times. I got away with more than anyone could have guessed when I was a teen, and a tech savvy teen at that. And by normal, I mean even seemingly simple stuff like treating women with respect. Im not to sure on the cancer stuff since i havent looked into it yet. You might be able to achieve that kind of control over the texts and emails from others in there, although we have not tested that exact scenario. I have not had the heart to try again to get Tech Support to engage.

    This is a new issue that I have not seen reported yet. You might need to call Apple. I think Apple is on the right track but they have a long way to go to fix all these issues.

    One of my pet peeves I have with the App store is that there is no way to reset downloads as if an app was never installed. For example. I originally permitted my teen to have snapchat. She abused it so I deleted her account and deleted the app from her phone. However, she could just go to the app store and re-download the app since I already granted her permission for this app in the past.

    Seriously… Apple should just ask parents for advice before implementing any OS changes or new stuff. I have already reported about a dozen issues with the iPhones whether is screen time related or other issues I have experienced …but they DO NOT respond or actually listen to consumers. I wonder if anyone is paying attention at this company. There are a lot of things I really dislike about this article. Disabling screen recording is such an extreme measure to prevent the kid from watching the passcode in a video.

    Fun fact — I met the woman who is the voice of Siri in in Boston! Once again, another extreme measure. Technical skills are great and discouraging them for applying creativity in tech does no one any favours. This might make sense for some age groups, but it could also be a frustration for others. I understand that you want to educate parents about this if their kids are abusing it but I feel you need to do more to help the kids by pointing out that these are extreme solutions that should only be used if the kid has abused these loopholes in the past.

    You should definitely add warnings to some of these solutions explaining the downsides of them and how they should only be used in extreme measures. Thank you for leaving such a detailed, well-written comment. I enjoy other perspectives, and have adjusted the tone of a few of our comments as a result. I believe your comments have caused me to make the post even better.

    Hacking with Swift – learn to code iPhone and iPad apps with free Swift tutorials

    In the end, I agree with you. We need to err on the side of curiosity before condemning the brilliance. Thanks again! My daughter figured out our password so we changed it.

    BUT it is not changing on her phone despite the fact that we changed it on our parental settings? Big pain! But, everyone is experiencing this right now. Hack 1 is not working for me. What that setting does in iOS13 is preventing the kid from changing if Time and Date is allowed to use location services or not. This ability alone renders Screen Time absolutely useless. Hi, we are looking into it. Something has recently changed and I appreciate that you and a few others have brought this to our attention.

    We tested this sequence of steps closely in order to write the blog post. But, clearly something is now different. I just updated to Please try and let me know the results! My son has been exploiting the Windows 10 screen limits feature and playing on his computer whenever he feels entitled to do so. A few queries: 1. What about controlling access to apps that appear in the lock-screen, like spotify? Is this related to 1?

    2. Be careful of what you install

    What about allowing the parent to create a default profile, then allowing the parent to switch something on for a short while, then the phone reverting to the default profile? How many times have we enabled an app, then forgot to deny it? I have tried it several times following the instructions very carefully. I feel like it used to be greyed out but now I cannot fix it for the life of me.