What about back-ups?

With this facility, there is technically no possibility of someone tapping into calls or texts, not even the company itself. Earlier this year, CNN reported that the Facebook-owned app was blocked in Brazil because it refused to provide user data to help with criminal investigation.

Was WhatsApp's encryption broken?

Facebook Messenger also does not have end-to-end encryption. Israeli app Viber also claims all its features are end-to-end encrypted but does mention that user information may be disclosed to law enforcement, governmental agencies, or authorised third parties under certain conditions. Snapchat follows the same policy. Google Hangouts and Microsoft Skype do use some kind of encryption though not end-to-end. However, while messages and calls may be end-to end-encrypted, the company can still see the meta data, including date, time stamps, mobile phone numbers involved in the messages and other information, though they may not be able to decipher what is in the message.

Another security issue is that while the messages themselves may be secure when sent over the internet, they are not so secure when stored on the phone hence the need for secure passcodes and via online backups to the cloud, as the data then is with the backup service provider.

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And WhatsApp seems to rank the highest — in terms of security — among the aforementioned apps Skype, Viber and Snapchat feature very low. It also claims that the scorecard becomes outdated every now and then as features in apps go through continuous changes almost every day. Sci-Tech Gadgets. WhatsApp already has end-to-end encryption and has said the same would apply to its video-calling feature.

WhatsApp will now compete with other video calling apps. Submit Please enter a valid email address.

Text Messages Increasingly Used As Divorce Evidence

Related Articles WhatsApp rolls out video calling. Close X. Apple's new AirTags could factor into U. Chat Messages will not be pushed to server automatically and without your consent. So if there are no notification for a particular chat message, then the app will not be able to read it. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp.

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Chat Message Tracker is in no way associated with any of them in any way. Permission for notification access The app needs access to Notifications of other apps in order to read chat messages received by other apps. Without this permission the app will not be able to read any chat message. The chat message read will be saved locally in the app and will be made available to you in the website only when you log in to the website and pull the messages. It has to be pulled from the website. Details are stored securely in server located in US. Users can opt-out anytime and clear the details from server either through mobile or from website.

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