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Signs of hidden spyware on Android

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Spyware and Stalkerware: Phone Surveillance

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mSpy™ Cell Phone Tracker: Your #1 Monitoring Tool

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Unacceptable tracking apps step over the line when they enable monitoring or access to private data such as conversations. It is also a problem when there is no visible installation or app icon. While children often do need some guidelines when it comes to app use, it should be noted that many security and anti-theft apps for smartphones already come with a bundle of remote geo-tracking options.

Tracking and control apps are not security neutral. First, they essentially open up a back door to the device that, when fully exploited, can let a hacker have various levels of access and privilege.

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That can include authentication bypass, executing malicious code and remote commands, data theft, modification of user files, and sniffing out network traffic. Second, the data taken from the device can go to an unsecured location where it could be leaked.

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For example, Family Orbit, a parental monitoring company, stored files in unsecured cloud storage sites which resulted in the leak of private data such as email addresses, devices ids and names, credentials, and media storage files. Security companies that have usually focused on detecting malware, direct threats to devices, and privacy are waking up to the risks to their users from tracking apps. Increasingly, invasive tracking apps are being directly identified as malware.

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This PUA ranking recognizes that there are legitimate tracking apps parental control with legitimate functionalities while acknowledging the end user has the right to know what is installed on their device and its activities. FlexiSpy is one of the more famous stalkerware applications. Although FlexiSpy positions itself as parental control tool with specific app features like geo- tracking and application activity monitoring.

It also includes a long list of other features that can give the device administrator full access to the controlled device. Spy functionalities include call recording, taking photos and recording videos from device cameras, getting private information from chat applications Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others , keylogging, password extraction, remote control via SMS text commands, and more.

Besides this, FlexiSpy tries to hide its presence and activity on the devices. It does this by hiding the app icon, deleting itself from any app lists, and even masquerading its presence under a random name. It shows that the application is trying to show that it is some kind of Android OS related tool.