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On the desktop version, go to the Explore section to the left of the newsfeed and look for the app icon. Launched in , Facebook Messenger Kids is a messaging app for parents of children below the age of 13 who cannot yet sign up for a Facebook account. The app lets tweens chat with family and friends. To make sure an adult is setting up the app, parents will have to put in their Facebook password. The parent will then create the Facebook Messenger Kids account for their child.

Afterward, kids can use the app with fun tools like GIFs, frames, colorful stickers, and playful augmented reality AR masks when they message or call a friend or family member. For example, say the child wants to add a classmate as a contact. The parent must first send a Facebook friend request with the parent of his classmate.

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Once accepted, the parent can then add the classmate as a contact for their child. Parents can add family and friends under the Contacts tab of the dashboard.

How to Manage Your Child's Messenger Kids Account

On top of these changes, Facebook has also updated the privacy policy for Messenger Kids. Parents have 90 days to review and accept the new policy.

Kids Can Chat With Santa on Messenger Kids

Schedule a Free Consultation. See all results. Share Tweet. News Staying Safe. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close smart home wifi tv mounting computers home theater. You are done! From there you can add, block, report users who contact your little one. You can also delete their account if you decide to.

Moreover, you can control which hours they can use the app through sleep mode. This method lets you set off times during which they cannot use the Messenger Kids app.

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When the sleep mode is turned on, your child will not be able to use the app, receive calls or messages notifications, or play with messenger camera. How do I change primary parent on my granddaughter account. Her mom had set up the account and one day I was helping My granddaughter with it and it put me as primary account and her mom as added parent.

When granddaughter want to add new contact it tells her mom to send it to me.

How can I enable camera and microphone on Messenger Kids? - Microsoft Community

So please help me set up her Dad as the primary parent without deleting account and starting again. Thank you..

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