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All this is made possible by the magic of Spyic. Here are a few benefits of Spyic that will be enough to show why it is the 1 Facebook spying app. When you are using Spyic, the other person will never even know you are monitoring his Facebook chats. This is because of the following reasons:. By following these easy steps, you can install Spyic in no time and read the Facebook messages of any user you want. All the features are available on the left panel of the dashboard.

Spyic has an inbuilt Facebook spy module. It keeps track of all the people to whom the user is talking. You can view the details by going in this tab under Social Media Apps. Spyic also has a supercool keylogger feature as I mentioned before. It logs every keystroke that is made by the user. Therefore, you can use this data to see what the target user is doing on Facebook.

You can even see the searches they have made on Facebook. Use Spyic now and see how the Facebook mystery of the user unravels itself. To watch a free demo of these features, you can go here to see Spyic in action. For Android, you will need the Cocospy app on the target phone. It utilizes the cloud backup feature that is already present in the iPhones. With iCloud , the iPhone uploads all its data on a cloud service for backup purposes.

Cocospy utilizes this backup to extract relevant monitoring data about the person. It is a hacking technique that is free. Through phishing , you will need to create a fake Facebook login page and make the user enter their credentials on the login prompt. Once they enter their credentials, you can login with those. However, it has a lot of downsides. However, while getting these free methods can be alluring, they do more damage than good. They aim for you to take their surveys or human verifications. Once you start with that, they will force you to download their virus-infected apps.

It is better to choose a paid method that comes at a nominal cost instead of risking your data and security. Some methods claim to get in the Facebook inbox without using any app download on Android. Let me tell you, they are completely fake and might be fraud as well.

Most Facebook spying tricks that I found on the internet required rooting or jailbreaking of the target device. I was wary of this since I know about technology.

I am aware that rooting or jailbreaking puts security at risk. However, methods like those I discussed in Part 1 and 2 require no jailbreak or rooting the device. Always prefer these over any that require root. Based on what I researched and tried, I have found my favorite app for the purpose. It is a quiet method that works in secret.

The end result? Of course, I am going to share it with you to help you out. Read on to find out what it is… Table of Contents. Social Media Monitoring: Spyic has an inbuilt social media monitoring tool. This tool gives you access to all the social media apps of the person. You can read their Facebook chat, Snapchat chat, and whatnot. Keylogger Keylogger tracks all the keystrokes that the target device makes.

This includes all the messages, credentials like usernames and passwords, searches, etc. Location Tracking Location tracker gives you the updated location of the device whenever you require. This information is presented along with timestamps, so you can spy on the movement of the device. Geo Fencing With geo fencing, you can set geographical boundaries for the target device. You can be getting information from the other phone within minutes! Auto Forward delivers everything you need and then some. We tested a variety of iPhones and Androids and we did not encounter any issues. Auto Forward can extract text messages and iMessages even if they have been deleted.

Among its many benefits are;. Using the OTA over-the-air link, you can remotely download the app and monitor the target phone without having it in your possession. Once a remote connection is established, Auto Forward continuously uploads activity from the target phone to your secure online account.

You can literally monitor the target phone right from your own cell phone without being anywhere near it! Another app that allows you to spy on a cell phone without having it in your possession!

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Downloaded over 1 million times and going strong, Highster Mobile is still one of the best cell phone spy apps you can buy. Highster Mobile has been on the market since They helped pioneer the technology and remain the leader in cell phone spy applications. Tried and true and up to date to work with the all Androids and iOS devices. PhoneSpector is among the latest, cutting edge utility apps that can be used to spy on a cell without actually having the phone in your possession.

More powerful and easier to use and set-up, it has become the choice of thousands who need help learning how to spy on a phone. It has no monthly fees. Unlimited lifetime upgrades and comes with full support for all phones. Check it out! Visit their website: www. DDI Utilities is a next-generation utility program that can extract and deliver large amounts of data and activity from any cell phone quickly, easily and silently without having the phone anywhere near you.

As new models and operating systems are introduced it has become more difficult to find a spy app that actually works. DDI Utilities works! DDI Utilities download procedure is simple. All you have to do is text the download link to the phone you want to monitor. When the link is activated tapped on the automatic install begins and within minutes stored data and activity from the phone uploads to your secure online account. If you have tried regular cell phone spy apps with no success, you will want to buy DDI Utilities.

It has been shown to succeed where the older, more traditional spy programs no longer can. Read our review: DDI Utilities review. When looking for spy apps for phones, the question that always comes up is: Is it possible to spy on text messages without installing software on the target phone? Today two types of devices dominate the mobile market: Androids and iPhones. Through independent research, I have narrowed down the best cell spy software for both. While there are many reasons someone would need to spy on texts if you are an employer or a parent for instance, catching a cheating spouse is the most popular.

Over the years, I have learned a lot mostly I learned what not to do! They are:. With the emergence of more powerful utility apps that are now being used to spy on cell phones, I have altered my top picks to better reflect the latest technology.

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Here they are:. So, how do you sort through the junk?

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They will retrieve phone activities such as; Calls, GPS location, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, websites visited, photos, videos and much more. These programs are very powerful and will enable you to spy on a mobile device much like any government or private investigator might and should be used only for legal purposes. Inexpensive and user friendly, Auto Forward Spy is—without a doubt— the best choice for Android and iPhone devices! From its simple installation to its ease of use, Auto Forward Spy gives you all the benefits of mobile monitoring software with none of the hassle.

Excellent customer support with LIVE people answering the phone. Of course, I called just to see if real people would actually answer the phone and if they knew what they were talking about, which they did. I was very pleased with how helpful they were.

How To Track Secret Conversations On Facebook: You Can Do It!

Auto Forward Spy has been on the market for over 5 years and has done an excellent job in surpassing the competition. The development team of Auto Forward Spy has proven to be extremely capable of producing one of the best apps for spying on texts you will find anywhere. Highster Mobile is an SMS tracker and text message spy software that has been on the market for nearly 8 years.

It has helped literally hundreds of thousands of people to spy on cell phones and in particular, gather text messages from just about any mobile device on the market. A superior text message spy, Highster Mobile not only enables a user to retrieve new text messages from any cell phone, it will also extract old and deleted text messages as well.

The astonishing thing is that you can do all this without actually having the phone in your possession.


It is not uncommon for users to report the extraction of text messages from up to one-year-old. If you are spying on an iPhone and you are either unwilling or unable to jailbreak it, Highster Mobile is for you! Their No-Jailbreak program is tops in the industry and, in my opinion, is by far the easiest to use and most powerful. I found that it captures more data, in less time, than any of the competing programs.