Why you should hide your text messages

You can adjust your plan up to 48 hours before the end of your payment cycle to add text messaging. This change to your plan will take effect at the start of your next billing cycle. You can also add minutes to your plan and use them immediately by buying an Add-On for local or long-distance calls.

After you reboot, your applications will reload. Your phone will then re-authenticate to the Fizz mobile network. This will allow your phone to recover its authorization to access the network. These messaging apps may have their own server or messaging centre. The process for deleting text conversations can vary from one phone to another. Here are two examples:. A contact on your phone may have been modified or corrupted by a system update or software bug.

Try sending your message by manually entering the recipient's phone number using your keypad.

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Note: At the same time, check to see if the issue repeats itself when you send a text message to another user. The process of deactivating blocked texts can vary from one phone model to another. Situations specific to Apple iPhones: In Settings you will also find the the option to disable iMessage. This function could compromise your ability to send or receive text messages.

To function optimally, text messaging may require the most recent update or settings. If you have access to another phone that is compatible with the Fizz mobile network, insert your Fizz SIM card to see if the problem repeats itself. This will allow you to see if your phone is the source of the problem. Conversely, if you do not have access to another phone compatible with the Fizz network but do have access to another active Fizz SIM card with a plan that includes mobile data, insert this card into your phone.

In the meantime, why not leave us a message on your favorite channel below? Mobile Menu Mobile. Our Plans. How it works. Activate my SIM. Why Fizz. Switch to Fizz. My Rewards. Invite friends. Solution Hub. Community Hub. Transfer my number. Fizz network settings.

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Contact us. Status of our services. Main navigation Mobile. My account FR. Make sure your plan includes text messages. See our network coverage map If you are outside the Fizz network, you can connect via our partner network. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to see if anything new and the icon disappeared.

1. Situation That Android Users Would Encounter

I found the problem with mine it was a hidden photo that did not download in one of the messages it does not even appear as an unread message you have to open the thread to download of the photo once I did that my indicator went back to zero on my messages. D liscious. I just solved this problem.

It will give you an option to change your messages to their app. Once you do that, go through your texts through this app and it will have all the hidden messages in bold print like it has been unread. I opened each one. I had 5 and deleted each one. Then I undownloaded the app. Went through my regular texts and deleted unwanted messages when you delete you're asked to change back to your phones messaging system change it back once they're deleted through your phone, I simply restarted my phone and now the message icon is clear!

ZTE Z - My message icon shows I have messages - ZTE Phone - iFixit

Hope this helps. Sounds confusing but very easy fix. So happy after months my message icon is clear. The things didn't work for me. It worked! To do this click on your messages. Click on the 3 dots up in the right top corner. This should hopefully fix your problem. Good luck everyone! Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. Travis Rep: 61 2 2. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question?

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Score 5. Me too and I can't figure it out. I have this issue also. I clicked "Mark all as read" and it went away. Let's see if it stays gone. Most Helpful Answer.

ZTE Zmax Pro Messaging Fix

Buddhika Mahesh Rep: Check the messages inside of SIM card. Was this answer helpful? Score 1. Sarah Davis Rep: 13 1. Gregory Tomory Rep: 13 1. Hope this helps someone. Thanks, Sarah! This helped me find my unread message too, with a ZTE phone and Android 6. Jerrica Davis Rep: 13 1. Score 0. Zach Moser red24 Rep: 1.

How to Print out Text Messages from ZTE Phones?

See my comments below please. Space Monkey Rep: 1. D liscious Rep: 1. Add your answer Travis will be eternally grateful.