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The first recorded examples of this sport were at the Ancient Greek Olympics. In Ancient Greece, only one event was contested, the stadion footrace. Later on, the game expanded to more events. Events of track and field are divided into three: track events, field events, and combined events.

Track events consist of Sprints, middle-distance, long distance, hurdles and relays; Field events consist of jumps and throws; while combined events consist of pentathlon, heptathlon, and decathlon. Track and field is usually played outdoors in stadiums. The usual features of a track and field stadium are the outer running track, and the field within the track. Capacity: No set limit. This facility is one of a kind and sets a high standard for track stadiums around the world.

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Green Building Council and would be an ideal, as well as environmentally friendly, place to hold any size competition. Capacity: 4, Originally built in , this track is part of history and is still one of the finest track and field facilities in the nation.

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It has also been host to the Junior Olympics twice. Capacity: 3, permanent and 3, temporary seats. This meter track with nine lanes and Polytan surfaces sports a foot turning radius for blazing speeds and record-setting times.

Gilliam Indoor Track Stadium, Texas A&M, College Station

Capacity: Little stadium seating but acres of lawn space. One of the six collegiate tracks to be IAAF-certified, this track and field complex is built for only those who want to compete at the highest level. Capacity: 3, It played as the warm-up and training track for the athletes during the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

2021 World Athletics Championships Stadium (Eugene, Oregon) Pre-pandemic

The newest track on this list is also the most improved. Before it was constructed, the track team at Auburn ran on a five-mile dirt oval in the ground. Many things will be uncertain. But not this, because this is a certainty: the Games will revolutionize the Olympics just as the Games did. Track and field had a golden opportunity in the United States.


Already nearly five years have passed by. And now, because of this decision for — yes, of course, a multiplicity of factors had to be considered and all stakeholders were never going to be satisfied but all the same — these worlds would now seem more likely than not to squander, and grossly so, this opportunity. These worlds are still in Eugene. Got it. But these constants remain: Eugene is still hard to get to, and still a college town where college football is the No. You might ask around certain circles in Eugene to find out why.

And, big picture, in the middle of the summer? What big-time sport holds its marquee purportedly end-of-year championship in the middle of July?

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Traditionally, track holds its worlds later in the summer, in August which is another matter altogether. Indeed, the Eugene championships had originally been set for Aug. The world dates — again, for convenience, July — were chosen to avoid clashing with, in turn, the:. The Munich event will seek to promote a tie to the 50th anniversary of the Summer Games.

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At any rate, make no mistake. This is all about being able to compete in all three — if athletes are so eligible.