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This is another way of tracing your beloved family members by executing a keylogger file on their PCs. Say if your marked person types a username and password of any of their account that will be known to you instantly. Get to know all the information of your beloved ones without bothering about typing their correct username and password.

Another way of tracing your targets kids or cheating spouse is sniffing. Although it is a non-advisable and an illegal approach too to track someone, but you can use it to salvage your marriage or to prevent your child from going in the wrong hands.

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To know the truth of the one whom you love, sometimes it is good to be bad! Once you buy the software online you can download and install it to your family members smart phones.

Top Reasons to Read someone’s Facebook Messages

So, if your child types in their Facebook username and password, you will receive this data. Many Internet users are naive, so they use week and predictable passwords. It mostly relates to kids who use simple things that are easy to remember to set up their passwords.

How to read someones facebook private messages 2017 (100% work)

As you know, cookies are files that websites use to collect information about Internet users. Cookies track their browsing sessions and may contain sensitive data, such as usernames and passwords.

The Best Way to Read Facebook Messages Without a Password

It depends on the purpose and the way it is done. On the other hand, using a monitoring app, such as mSpy, is considered legal if you monitor your underage kid or another person with their consent. If you want to try mSpy, you can go to mspy. Whatever you choose for now, our support team will be happy to help.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. So the good news is that you can do this using spy apps — the bad news is that they are not free.

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Luckily for you, mSpy covers apps such as Instagram , Kik, Snapchat and many more. You can also use it to hack a phones pictures including those sent and received using Facebook messenger. The keylogger feature allows you to see everything they have typed into the phone keypad. The keylogger allows you to see login and password details for all social media and web apps — not just Facebook.

This can be a very powerful tool.

How to View Someone’s Facebook Messages Without Knowing Their Password

Another great feature for mSpy is the ability to view the mSpy reports from your own phone or computer so you can see the persons phone without being anywhere near it. Their cheapest plan will cover FB message monitoring. FlexiSPY will give you access to all the same features on Facebook as mSpy but FlexiSPY is more expensive because of a separate feature which has nothing to do with viewing Facebook messages. So for that reason it is second on my list. That feature is the ability to record phone calls and even listen in to them live.

That feature is rare amongst spy apps these days so it does add an extra cost on to the total price of the app which is understandable. If you only want to view Facebook messages and other social media apps then I recommend mSpy.