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I am a hacker. Developer mode bluetooth debugging run off built nfc stripper app. My phone is possessed by a person and not a demon. I downloaded an IOS update last night after reading this thread for a hour or so.

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Long story short. I want to obtain the highest level of antimalware and put it on my phone and detect and remove spyware. All of our phones have been accessed from another device somewhere. I have known this was gong on for about a year but upgraded to iPhone 6 and that stopped it for a time. It has to be real - the opponents literally know every email, Facebook, safari search, anything that is done on my phone. There is no other way for them to have full access and they use it.

Anyway - paranoia aside. I believe information is the answer for me.

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They managed to get into it but the updates knock them back out. I have literally sat back and watched as my computer cursor moves it self, opens files and takes away my control. One of my sons while at home asleep with his finance was sending text messages without his knowledge to me at am begging me to wake up and help him! Its quiet disturbing.

Just a retired school teacher, late - n - life single mother with grown sons. Text message sent pictures of someone in distress. It was dark out. Google Maps appeared on my screen. She was reading the directions as I drove. It was as if we were on a wild goose chase trying to track my son down.

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We continued to follow the GM which led us right back to where we started from. The town post office. In the interim we received a phone call from the friend who reached out to him via computer. She said he was fine. He was at home on the computer the whole while. He never sent me a text or called for ER help. I was relieved that my son was okay but absolutely traumatized by the ability of someone to do this. I am so glad that there were people who witnessed what was going on. This individual did steal my identity investigated and proven from the government.

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I have also witnessed my computer being taken over. The exact same thing happened. The cursor moved across the screen on its own. I had no control over the cursor. Files would be extracted from my computer. I cannot understand how this can happen. How can a cell phone be hacked. My email was also compromised. I invested in a PO Box which this person was able to obtain and use that information as well.

I now have to go through the state capital, my mail is going to be sent to them then they will forwarded my mail to me. This individual was able to create 2 accounts dealing with banking. They locked me out of my own account and diverted checks being sent to me. I am sure they know people who have the ability to do these things. It has been a nightmare.

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This person also has information that could not be obtained any other way then to go through my files and emails between lawyers. Is there anyway of putting a program on my computer or phone where I can trace the activity back to whomever is doing this. I know who is doing it. Evidence is necessary. There are multiple issues. Any information would be helpful. I hope you found help, please let me know if you have any advice I have good job and nursing license am am about to loose it all too thousands spent. Not all spirits. Are evil. If you get a warning. Threw spirit world of computers.

Using green ether of underworld. Of indian totem poles of redwood. They attack them.

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In their dreams. A little child woke me up. Saved my life. Ancestors in the Machines.

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With demons. Be wise. Aware of their present. To warn, protect. Soooooo I will volunteer? I am going through pretty much all of the things Being mentioned in posts here- this is unbelieveable! I kno exactly who is doing this but have had a hard time stopping the barrage of mental abuse and attacks and have even changed my entire network at one point..