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Catch cheating spouse. Now, there is no doubt that many partners who cheat on one another.

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Cheating is the biggest reason of many divorces. Spy can help you to know the truth as it will help you to know the truth and one of the most important things is the person will never come to know about the tracking that is being done on him or her. Cheating can be done on both male as well as female therefore there is nothing that we should hide from. Plus, it can also help you to monitor text messages, call logs, browsing activity, GPS location, instant messages, instagram, snapchat, keylogger and more.

The monitoring job is all done remotely without sending notifications on the target device. The dashboard where you get all the information about the device is very detailed and very easy to navigate.

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All you have to do is click on the data you want to view. Monitor Facebook Messages. Inspect Multimedia. View all pictures, videos and text messages sent and received via Facebook messenger of your kid remotely; keep track of multimedia files of your child with Facebook Track feature to make sure they are not involved in sexing. Visit the PanSpy website and select the package the most suitable for you.

Pay the subscription and open your email address and follow the installation steps. Start spying Facebook chat app. As soon as you completed the installation process, you will be able to monitor Facekbook from the Control Panel. If you have proper reasons to track someone else's Facebook, above-mentioned software is perfect to use. Now, you can learn how to monitor Facebook and start to track your spouses, children and business competition, employees easily.

How To Monitor anyone’s Android/iPhone (Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp...)

PanSpy Mobile Phone Monitor. PanSpy is a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users. How to Track Facebook on iPhone or Android Device Nowadays, Facebook has redefined the way people used to communicate with each other around the world.

How to Secretly Access to Your Husband’s Facebook?

For Parents Ensure the safety of your kids. For Employers Monitor Employees. For Spouse Catch cheating spouse. Follow these simple steps to begin tracking Facebook messages: 1. Community Syncios Newsletter. All Rights Reserved. FamiKit Parental Control App! Furthermore, calls exchanged via Facebook can also be monitored.

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Like all the other apps on this list, Spyera requires you to root the Android device before using this feature. It does not work on unrooted devices so remember that before you make a purchase. The app offers plenty of other features besides Facebook monitoring, many of which are useful for both parents and employers. For example, you can remotely gain access to live calls, including caller details.

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Other features include location tracking, text message monitoring, application tracking, and remote camera. However, this can be a bit too much, especially if you are a parent. Spyera is compatible with all versions of Android, including version Spyera offers two different subscription packages called the Premium and Premium Plus. The premium version costs USD MobiStealth is another smartphone monitoring app that offers a Facebook monitoring feature as part of its services.

You can use MobiStealth to track all messages exchanged via the Facebook Messenger app. This is not limited to just text messages, as you can download and view multimedia files as well. MobiStealth is not exclusively designed for parents and includes features that can be suited for use at the workplace as well. For example, you can monitor all calls made to and from the device. All messages, including those exchanged via apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, and others can also be accessed.

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The app also lets you track the location of the device so you will know exactly where they are. Other features include access to web browsing history, stored pictures, and others. MobiStealth is compatible with all Android devices. The PRO version offers very limited functionality, so you would have to subscribe to the Pro-X version if you wish to use features such as Facebook monitoring.

This makes MobiStealth among the most expensive apps on the list. Flexispy is an Android monitoring app that can be used to monitor Facebook. The Facebook tracking feature offered by the app is quite comprehensive as well. For example, you can view all sent and received messages exchanged on any chat, and access multimedia content. You can also use Flexispy to access Facebook calls logs along with call recording. The app offers other features too. These include call monitoring, message tracking, location access, online activity tracking, and others.

Messages exchanged via instant messaging apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and others can be viewed as well. Like most apps on this list, you have to root the Android device for many of these features. Flexispy is compatible with Android 4.

Spy On Your Children’s Facebook Messenger Chats And Videos

While Flexispy offers a solid list of features, it is the most expensive app on this list. The Lite version subscription costs USD The extreme version costs USD for a three-month subscription. Many of the advanced features are only available with the extreme version, which is many times more than the most app on our list. If you do not mind spending USD a month for these features, then Flexispy may be suitable for you. Like the other apps on our list, Appmia can also be used to monitor Facebook activities.

What is the Right Way to Spy Facebook With Android

With its message-tracking feature, you can read all messages on Facebook Messenger and go through all multimedia files as well. Appmia offers many other features to its subscribers too. For example, you can monitor calls, track location, go through browsing history, and all photos or videos stored on the phone. Appmia is compatible with a wide array of Android versions. Appmia has a basic subscription package that is free of cost but hardly offers any useful features. On the other hand, the premium version, which offers the aforementioned features, comes in at USD 16 a month.

You can use Hoverwatch to perform a wide range of monitoring functions, including Facebook tracking. Like the other apps on our list, you can use Hoverwatch to go through all exchanged messages on Facebook Messenger, including all multimedia files such as audio, video, and image files. Hoverwatch is comparatively less intrusive than many other apps on this list. You can monitor and record calls or view messages, including those sent or received via apps like WhatsApp or Viber. Similarly, location tracking and online activity monitoring are among other features available for subscribers.

An interesting feature available with Hoverwatch is that the app will take a picture with the front camera whenever the phone is unlocked. All of this is performed discreetly, so it is a useful feature for employers. The app is compatible with a wide range of Android OS versions as well. In terms of subscription, the personal plan costs USD 8. The professional plan costs USD 3. The third package, called the business plan, costs USD 1. However, the cost for both professional and personal plan doubles for every new device that you choose to monitor. SpyBubble is the next Android monitoring app on our list.

SpyBubble can be used to track all sent and received messages on Facebook Messenger. Other features offered by SpyBubble include call recording, location tracking, online activity tracking, and a key logger. The app is compatible with all Android versions 4. SpyBubble developers offer two different subscription packages.

The personal plan comes in at USD You can use the family package to monitor up to five devices, though you can only monitor one device with the personal package. Spymaster pro is another Android monitoring app that offers many of the features available with other apps. This is true for Facebook monitoring as well. All images downloaded into their device from the messenger can be viewed as well.

Other features offered by Spymaster pro include location tracking, call monitoring, access to web browsing history, and instant messaging app tracking.