Part 2: Spyine

OM Spy offers you the power to remotely view their computer in total secrecy. This means all their recorded activity is accessible online from your secure account. Once you sign in to your account, you can see everything they did. All from the privacy of your Android device, iPhone, iPad, computer or laptop. The remote viewing feature means you never need to access their laptop or computer to view the logs. OM Spy is a breeze to configure and operate.

Once purchased you can have OM Spy installed and recording their activity in as little as than 5 minutes. OM Spy runs with the target having no idea their computer or laptop is being monitored. OM Spy takes regular screenshots of their computer. This gives you the power to you see everything they have done.

Learn more. OM Spy has powerful social network recording, making it easy to view their social network activity. You will know exactly what they typed because OM Spy logs every key pressed and records all text typed. Superior to the standard history function in web browsers. OM Spy lets you see everything recorded. April Anonymous 5 out of 5. Very impressed with how quick to install and view recordings.

January Anonymous 4 out of 5. Good application, it got me what I needed quickly - and it was emailed right after purchase. December Anonymous 5 out of 5. I have been using OM Spy continuously for the last 3 years or so and have never experienced a problem that wasn't solved quickly by technical support. So it means that even if you were not able to monitor the target person on a particular day, you can still check the activities for that day.

To watch past activities, you need to access the calendar feature given at the top-left corner. Now simply select the date for which you want to check the recordings. No matter how far you are from your loved ones, if pcTattletale exist on their PC, you can track their device activity in real-time. It means you will actually see what they are currently doing on their PC. The time difference between the actual activity and live recording will be about seconds which is quite negligible.

The live recording might not show an accurate result while the user is playing any video on their laptop. In the case of video, pcTattletale struck at a particular screen while the user is continuously watching a video. But still, these few frames might be enough to know what kind of stuff your teen watches on the internet.

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But this is not a limitation of pcTattletale. These streaming services are built to prevent piracy. This section distributes the total activities done in the target device into different sections for easy monitoring. The video that this PC monitoring software makes might be too long. And if you need to check how your little ones talk to their friends online, you will find it difficult to extract the part of the video where they were using WhatsApp or other chatting apps.

Just type Keylogger in the given search bar and the app will filter the Activity section and show all the keystrokes in one place. Similarly, to check all the Chrome activities, YouTube activities, just type that keyword in the search bar and check the results. But you can tighten the reins if you see the signs of addiction at its early stage.

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And this spy software for PC will help you know if your child is becoming a victim of addiction or not. With pcTattletale, you can easily check the total number of clicks made on their device from hour to hour. Based on this data, you can figure out the engagement of your child with their PC. Click Activity section will reveal the amount of PC usage of the child and the Top App Usage section will show you the name of the most used app on the PC.

There are a total of 3 plans that you can opt for. In addition to that, you get 7 days of data storage capacity as well. If you want to try the app for free before spending your hard-earned bucks on it, that too is possible. With the free trial of the app, you can see how the app actually works. And once you are sure that the app works perfectly, then you can purchase it. Click Here to Try pcTattletale 2.

When you suspect your child of using bad language or watching malicious content, it becomes necessary to track what they write on various apps or what they search on the internet. Once you go to the Key Logs feature, you will see various sections where the Keylogger is used. Just click on the section where you want to check the keystrokes, and all the keystrokes will appear on the screen. Under the app section, you will see the list of all the apps used by the target person throughout the day and for how long.

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But tracking the browsing history is possible with the App Usage feature. Just click on Chrome or whichever browser you see on the screen. The results will appear as shown below in the screenshot. Logon feature keeps the track of time when the PC was in use and when it was not. Sitting all day long in front of the computer to monitor your lover or your kid is not possible. But you might be curious to know if your spouse or your kid is using some particular words in their chat or not. But once you come back online, the list of chats will be huge and it will be difficult to read every message.

So it would be better if you can somehow get specific results for the words that you want to track. After creating an alert, you will receive a notification whenever any of those words are used somewhere. When you notice your child using the internet more than necessary, you might change the Wi-Fi password to limit their internet use. But if your child is not demanding the Wi-Fi password again, this might mean that they somehow got the new password, or using some other Wi-Fi.

By going to the Network Connection feature, you will see the names of all the Wi-Fi that the laptop was connected to.

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In addition to that, you will see the date and time when the connection was on and when it was off. You will know the names of all devices connected to the target computer and their status connected or disconnected. You might find out that your child is accessing some adult content on their PC, or your spouse is accessing sites like Tinder. After reaching the Web Browser section, you will see the search that was made, and for how long the target person was accessing that site. The last time when the target person accessed the site can also be checked.

While the target person is engaged in their PC for a long time, it makes you wonder what are they doing?

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But we only received the screenshots of the home screen and the lock screen, not while they were using the browser or some app. All the features are highly useful for a complete monitoring experience. And the reason for no updates for these features is the antivirus installed on the target laptop. MoniVisor Here comes another spy app that works brilliantly when it comes to cell phone tracking. Checking the web activity is a crucial part of monitoring, especially when you are monitoring teens.

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They might be accessing sites that include porn, fights, political hatred, and so on. By clicking on Web Activity , you will see the names of different web browsers and you can check the searches made in each one of them separately. The links that MoniVisor provides are clickable and will directly take you to the page that the target person was accessing. The exact title of the search can also be seen including the last time when that page was accessed. While using the internet for a long time, the teen might get fascinated by some photos and videos.

And they might save those photos and videos locally on their device. Here you will see the URL for the website from where the child downloaded that particular image. Curious to know which software your partner uses on their PC and if they are using any dating apps or not? Just go to the App Activity section and you will see the names of all the apps under the Name heading. Along with the names, the total time of use and the last used time will also appear.

Most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are accessible on PC. On the left side, the names of all those software will appear where something is typed. Clicking on any of the software will show all the keystrokes made in that software on the right-hand side. The Keylogger of MoniVisor works amazingly and shows almost every keystroke that the target person makes.

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With each keystroke, you will see a date and time stamp for better monitoring. The Capture Screenshots feature makes it possible. Under the Capture Screenshots feature, you will see two more options, one is Screenshot Settings and the other one is View Screenshots. For starting with getting screenshots, first, you need to enable the feature by going to Screenshots Settings. Just click on Start and the app is ready to click screenshots. You can even download the sent screenshots to keep them locally on your device.

If your teen has some adult videos or photos on their device then they might usually be kept hidden so you cannot access them. But MoniVisor keeps a track of all the files that the child opens on their device.