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You can install a custom android operating system on your device and be totally sure you are the only one that operates your device. I never mess with apple or iPhone because it is not open source. Stick with android and you will always truly own your device as long as you stay rooted and run custom Roms. Theres noone else I can turn to except this site.

I looked everywhere on the net to find the answers but failed. My proble is.. A couple of days ago my find my iphone alert came on three times and I was surprised. The reason is because I was sleeping and I wasnt tracking my phone.

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It sent me three emails about the alerts. I just dont understand because I just bought my ihone 5 and noone has an access to my icloud or find my phone account. How could this happen? Is there anyway I can find out who made these alerts and what location they were on? From Josh Kirschner on October 14, :: pm. I even had to place harassment charges, after a year of misery the DA stated she would like to apologize. No way, I was threatend my life made unbearable. I requested he look closely at the phone with photos of the texts. Amazingly there seem to be a problem. They were not in the file.

So now another 3 months till another trial date. The other party does not. It is not only on my phone, whatever phone I use. Any help suggestions. I would move around the house when its happening and see if it gets worse… if so its probably a hidden bugging device that transmits your voice carrier freq and its being looped back to your phone like a digital delay and making an echo… another bug that would do that is if they were physically somewhere there and were pointing a laser listening device on one of your windows to use it as a sound reed they are quite effective and that could cause a feedback loop is what the echos technical term is called.

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On amazon for like 50 bucks yuo can get bug detectors. They detect anything that ocilliates over 1 mhz that would include any audio or video transmitter so when you check you gotta shut ALL your devices off computers, phones ect and turn your main power off and then sweep the house for devices that are actively oscillating that the bug detector can pick up. They are accurate. If your unsure which one to get, look on you tube for ppl that review and test them and give you tips and tricks.

Your best source to find out how to find out to get peace of mind good luck god speed. Thank you,homerun I can pick up a loop frequency and know what is up,is there any way to burn up transmitters that are there. I know the individual doing this and he is a computer genius x. It is a custody situation he moved my kids out of state, the police began an investigation of abuse on him, he then moved, changed his number and refuses to provide it for me despite a court order stating I have phone time.

The result was he effectively eliminated the phone call and somehow got a voicemail through on my phone though when calling from a friends phone it rang to nowhere. Anyone know how to trace it, stop it, prove it, prosecute it? Yes, you read right, I said 23 yrs. How, you say? He started harassing me and my husband in Jan.

Is it possible for him to hack our new Windows 7 phones? Its constant.

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It only shows up on my husbands phone several times a day, but constantly on mine. Is this really true? How can we stop this maniac? I have personally witnessed him flip the hell out no less than 4 or 5 times. So have people at his place of employment. The insane crazy things he has done to gain some sort of access to me defies all common sense and decency. And exactly how the hell are we supposed to get that?

We have to tell them that? How can we find an investigator that knows about all of this phone and cyber stalking stuff? All he has is my phone. I dont have icloud. I have facebook but i dont post anything on there because my house got broke into last year. How can i disapear do i need to change my phone number? Or how can i track him with my phone so i know if he is following me?

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Are you guilty of murder? Hello Christina, 1st of all I want to thank you for this info I have been going crazy trying to find out IF this was possible and now I see that it is and that my spouse are definitively going through this, now my question is, is it possible to do this on all types of phones? I have been very suspicious about this because our private life is now being shared with outside people and it all points at me.

Thanks in advance and I really hope to get the answer I am looking for. Thank you…. From Lawrence Waters on November 19, :: pm.

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Everything in this thread seems to be Android-centric. From Josh Kirschner on November 19, :: pm. However, there have been reports of hacking on jailbroken iPhones. Unfortunately, the locked down OS has also prevented anti-malware makers from creating solutions for the iPhone. The good news with Windows 7. How is it that my phone keeps getting hacked. No one has access to it. But this unknown assailant, keeps hacking my phone, reading my texts, emails.

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Than goes on to harass people from my contacts. I need help, local authorities have tries. The FBI refuses to offer any assistance. This person has threatened to kill my 5 month old child. U lime. I have changed phones 20 plus times. Cheap phones, flip phones, smart phones. I have had them all. They keep getting tapped. RE they pull up in front of your house at 2am and grab your number right out of the air with a device…Its real easy.

Hello Josh. I am currently being harassed at my job.