Hack 1. Using the Messages App to Watch YouTube

Alternative app stores — Hello everyone, today we are gonna show you 5 Alternative app stores, which you can install on your iOS device without the jailbreak.

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Ignition on iOS. Ignition app provides us the best-tweaked apps, games and premiums apps for free of cost. Furthermore, back out of Safari and wait. It is a free app with no in-app purchases. Automatic updates —Notification of the newest update of any app that is available in your Tweakbox app store will pop up in your device immediately, it is up to you to decide whether to run the update now or later.

I know I can go to the App store and attempt to get all kinds of apps for it, but I have to try to install each desired app one by one,. About App Info App Version 6. Please follow us on Twitter for the latest. In this article, I am going to listed top best alternatives to Apple App Store, where you can download and install paid apps for free in your iOS device without jailbreak. Unlike Android, Apple, inc. Apart from Clash of Clans, you will get plenitude of hacked versions of other popular games as well on TopStore. The great. WeChat, a messaging and calling app with million users, was one of the hacked apps along with the file-compression app, WinZip.

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It is estimated that hundreds of apps have been infected. There are reasons why Zeusmos has frequently been recognized as the best Installous alternative.

One of the reasons is its super-duper features that allow users to download paid apps that are available from App Store for free. Full guide for Anti revoke on iOS. Learn how to avoid apps revokes on Apple devices. No-jailbroken and jailbroken devices are supported. But you can still have fun with your friends over these exciting board games, word player. Download this app now and start browsing. We know that you want all these features to use the YouTube app simply and awesomely. Of course, Google Play Store, or iOS App store are the best places for you to lay your hands on a few great apps and games for your device.

However, having to pay every time for the premium apps and games can be a little tougher for an average smartphone user. On your Now. To download the IPA library on iPhone and iPad from a source different from the Apple store, you need to be very careful. As such, it makes it very difficult to find a reliable app to download hacked games successfully on iOS devices. Use TaigOne Jailbreak to download and install both unc0ver jailbreak and Chimera Jailbreak without using a.

TuTuApp is just an amazing app store from where you can download everything for free.

Download from here. Official version of Xmod app is not available in the Play Store, and there are hundreds of apps that is very similar to xmod even with its logos and UI, but the original one can be downloaded only from the official Xmodgames website only. Xmodgames app is.

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Panda App Store is the most popular of all the unofficial app stores, a Cydia alternative that offers tons of apps and games to download. If this happens you can choose another course, have credit issued against a future booking or a full refund. This course is the culmination of years of experience gained via practical penetration testing of mobile applications as well as countless hours spent in research. This course provides participants with actionable skills that can be applied immediately from day 1. Each section starts with a brief introduction to the mobile platform for that section and then continues with a look at static analysis, moves on to dynamic checks finishing off with a nice CTF session to test the skills gained.

This section is packed with hands-on exercises and CTF-style challenges. We then focus on static and dynamic analysis of the applications at hand. The section is filled with hands-on exercises ending with a CTF for more practical fun. Students can take the course at their own pace and training portal access ensures topics can be reviewed on an ad-hoc basis as required by the student online after the course. This training has been built from real issues seen in real applications, not fabricated vulnerabilities that you will never see in practice.

The goal is to start from the basics and ensure that each student comes out of the training with a significantly higher level of proficiency in the artistry of mobile pentesting. Students will be taught ways to identify the attack surface of mobile apps, exploit interesting vulnerabilities and means to fix them.


The training also covers effective identification and exploitation of common vulnerability patterns, modification of Android and iOS apps at rest and at runtime, and more. As the course has been written and carefully created by professional mobile app penetration testers, after many years of experience, many practical tips will be shared to leverage automation and make penetration testing more efficient as soon as the student goes back to their office. Completing this training ensures attendees will be competent and able to: — Intercept mobile app network communications.

This course has no prerequisites as it is designed to accommodate students with different skills:. This said, the more you learn about the following ahead of the course, the more you will get out of the course:. Any mobile developer, penetration tester or person interested in mobile security will benefit from attending this training regardless of the initial skill level:.

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The course is for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students. While beginners are introduced to the nuances of mobile app security from scratch, intermediate and advanced level learners get to perfect both their knowledge and skills on the subject. Extra mile challenges are available in every module to help more advanced students polish their skills. The course is crafted in a way that regardless of your skill level you will significantly improve your mobile security skills:.

If you are new and cannot complete the labs during the class, that is OK, as you keep training portal access, you will learn a lot in the class but can continue from home with the training portal. A fully practical class that will seriously improve your mobile security knowledge and skills, regardless of the skill level you come in with.