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As efficient as it is convenient - with a long-lasting mAh battery, your Gigaset GS is in it for the long haul.

SIM Double Trouble: Swapping and Cloning

What does that mean for you? Plus 8 hours of talk time. All this is possible thanks to the advanced power-saving system: When the battery detects low capacity, it immediately enters low power mode.

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This energy-efficient battery management means you can use your smartphone for hours without constantly thinking about charging. Stop wasting time searching for the right cable and simply place your smartphone on the corresponding charging point. This means you can stay mobile wherever you go, for as long as you like. Plus, you can use the same built-in technology - called NFC Near Field Communication - to make payments using your smartphone, even when you travel. Whether you've got private family photos or personal information from online banking and travel documents, your data will always be safe from prying eyes.

You can choose to protect your GS with smart face recognition or with the fingerprint sensor. Plus, you can use your fingerprint for many other functions, such as taking pictures or answering calls. With five different fingerprint profiles, you can put the power in your fingertips.

No matter how you choose to unlock your phone, it is guaranteed to be safe, fast and convenient. Those who travel a lot love the convenience of being able to manage two phone numbers simultaneously. And Gigaset GS makes it simple! The dual card slot allows you to easily use your private and local SIM cards in the same device, for instance while travelling - ideal for an uncomplicated and active lifestyle. Or, you can use the second slot in the dual SIM tray for an additional memory card. This will give you plenty of space to store even more photos, music or videos.

The gesture control now gets by completely without buttons. Wiping movements from the left or right edge of the screen replace the back button. Face recognition has also been improved. Furthermore, about 50 new security functions have been implemented, which can be found prominently in a separate privacy section in the settings.

A completely new setting option regulates location access: access to an app can be limited to a certain period of use, and when the app is not in use, it cannot query the location in the background. Another exciting feature is the Family Link, which helps parents to better monitor their children's smartphone usage. Which colour suits you best?

Clone or Swap? SIM Card Vulnerabilities to Reckon With

The striking combination of classic white and softly shimmering rainbow effect gives the sparkling pearl white model a special touch. Or if you prefer classic and understated, the elegant gloss effect of the Titanium Grey is perfect for you. Gigaset is the only company in the world that produces smartphones in Germany.

This is significant, and only logical given that we have now been producing modern telecommunication solutions at our production site in Bocholt for seven decades. Digitalisation has made people more mobile - at Gigaset we offer the right end devices for how we communicate today, and we will continue to offer the right end devices for however we communicate tomorrow. As true communications technology professionals, we draw on our core competencies to create great smartphones with advanced features, high quality standards and superior design.

The proof? The new GS, one of many Gigaset smartphones manufactured in Germany. At Gigaset, we deal extensively with the issue of sustainability - starting with the recycling of production materials and extending to technological innovations and logistical processes.

Don't buy a GSM module, use your old phone!

The Gigaset GS, for example, is delivered in packaging made of recyclable and compostable grass fibres. This raw material regrows rapidly and is obtained from local sources.

A larger surface area means an impressive display: V-notch display for optimum viewing experience

It produces significantly lower CO2 emissions while also using much less water and energy during production. Furthermore, aside from the adhesive film for protecting the display, we have completely eliminated plastic from the inner packaging. This is only the first step on a long road towards more sustainable production. That's why every day we work on sustainable concepts for our common future. The app lets you bulk move contacts from your SIM card to your phone's memory and vice-versa , add and delete contacts, and edit contacts.

But that's not all. It has a dialer, and you can use it to make outbound calls and send SMS. What happens to all the data on your SIM card if you change to a different carrier? You might just throw your old card in the trash without thinking about it. Moving the data is straightforward. Use the app to export a contact backup file VCF to your phone's internal memory or SD card, swap the SIMs, then hit the import button to transfer the data onto your new card.

However, with its single screen, it lacks some of the detailed information present in other apps.

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If design is important to you, the royal blue and grey interface is sure to please. Some carriers will automatically add a SIM card management app to your phone as soon as you insert one of their chips. Oddly, you have no control over whether that installation process occurs, which seems like it could represent a potential security threat if someone knew how to exploit it. The apps from carriers are hit-and-miss in quality. Some offer many of the same features as the third-party apps we've looked at.

Others are a glorified way to push ads and encourage you to sign up for daily horoscopes, SMS news, and other services which will cost you money. Try them all and see which one suits your needs the best. In an effort to anonymize data, Google Chrome is tracking user cookies. So are you secretly part of the FLoC experiment? Reach out to him for inquires about sponsored content, affiliate agreements, promotions, and any other forms of partnership. Prior to his writing career, he was a Financial Consultant.

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