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As such, it's important to get it right. Common-sense presentation of messages as evidence suggests that you need to make sure you have the following:.

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Proving whether a message was received can be difficult, depending on the messaging system being used. Some networks implement their own delivery tracking reporting. This method will result in the sender being sent a text message by their network confirming delivery of their text.

Seeing these weaknesses in the SMS network, both Apple and Google have built their own extensions to delivery and sending tracking. The simplest approach is to take a screenshot or photograph of your device displaying the texts.

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That screenshot can then be printed or emailed. A printable screenshot of messages on iOS. But what number did she reply from? And when did she reply? Was the message sent at am on Saturday, or at pm? Is that in daylight saving hours, in a local time zone, or is it in UTC? None of these questions are answered by that screenshot — it only raises more questions. You can read how to use Messages here, directly from Apple.

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Saving data from the Messages app is less effective than using a screenshot from an iPhone or iPad: it has all of the same drawbacks that screenshots have — and more. A printable screenshot of messages on macOS. This report shows many of the same problems.

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Which timezone? When did Claudia reply? Most American users would assume the message was seven months older than it appeared to be. To learn more, check out our cookie policy.

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How to print text messages for use as evidence

Keep important info handy by syncing your notes to all your devices. Add text, images, audio, scans, PDFs, and documents to your notes. Express yourself with formatting tools that help you write how you think. Change your Internet Banking password at periodical intervals.

Always check the last log-in date and time in the post login page.

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Avoid accessing Internet banking accounts from cyber cafes or shared PCs. After you have logged in, you will not be asked to provide your username and login password again. If you get a message such as through a pop-up asking for such information, please do not provide this information no matter how 'genuine' the page appears to be.

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Such pop-ups are most likely the result of malwares infecting your computer.