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Click here to check price discount applied automatically after clicking the link, valid only for a limited period of time. In terms of reliability and support, this is honestly as good as it gets. Regardless of which type of phone your target is using Android or iPhone , mSpy has got you covered as it works seamlessly in both operating systems.

This phone app for spying comes with all the features like monitoring of text messages, IMs, contact list, call log, and location tracking. The app comes in a jailbreak and non-jailbreak version for iPhones as well as a root and non-root version for Android users.

While the mobile phone spy app does not offer some of the more advanced features seen in its competitors, the app itself does offer all the necessary features, simple installation and an intuitive web control panel at a very competitive price.

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Read full mSpy review here. Click For Best Price. FlexiSPY is easily one of the most powerful Android spy apps as it features some unique and incredibly useful functions not offered by other phone spy software on top of all the basic cell phone monitoring application features discussed above. This is among the best mobile spy apps on the market for those who are more comfortable with technology and are willing to spend a bit more for advanced features. This powerful cell phone monitoring software keeps you up to date and the capability to track everything that happens on the target device remotely.

FlexiSPY not only gives you access to call logs, but it even lets you listen in on phone calls as they happen. Another great thing about FlexiSPY is that it even lets you order a smartphone with the FlexiiSPY app preinstalled on the target phone that gives you full access from Day 1! Other than that, the app is not limited to Android devices, but it works just as seamlessly on iOS versions phone, tablets, Nokia Symbian, and even Blackberry. For those that require technical assistance, FlexiSPY has a solid technical support that will help you out with installation, jailbreaking, and any ongoing maintenance.

This phone spyware has been around since and has certainly set the bar for advanced mobile phone monitoring and spy capabilities. The most notable features are the capacity to record and listen to live phone calls, and even listen to the ambient surroundings anytime. Compatibility: All versions up to 9. Designed to allow parents and employers to track everything that happens on the cellphone, XNSPY provides some additional spying features such as social media monitoring like instant messages on WhatsApp, Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, Twotter , access to photos and videos stored in the device, as well as GPS location tracking features.

You can quickly switch between each device on your dashboard to save plenty of time, especially when you have a lot of data to check. In any case, the company has listed solutions to commonly asked questions online for you to search on their website before needing to contact their team. This is another easy and user-friendly cellphone monitoring app that offers many of the spy features discussed above.

It even has a convenient online dashboard that lets you review the data collected from the target device. On top of that, you can even have remote control over the target phone through SMS commands and set a screen time limit. The limitation for this app is that it requires you to root or jailbreak the cell phone to really be able to appreciate the full services of iKeyMonitor. Despite having a little bit more technically involved and complicated installation process, the iKeyMonitor app is a pretty solid package that features all the spying functionality advertised at a very reasonable price per month.

Nonetheless, this app is a decent choice that is affordable with even a free trial for you to try out before making the final decision.

If you want the keylogger feature check out the best Android keylogger without the complicated procedure of rooting or jailbreaking a phone, the SpyFone may be a solid option worth considering. On top of offering a fairly reliable monitoring service for both iOS and Android target devices, SpyFone also has a dedicated support team that will quickly respond and offer support for when something goes wrong. Feature-wise, SpyFone offers pretty much the same functionality as mSpy our best overall pick. This means you get to see and hear everything that happens around the cell phone.

It even has a GPS tracking feature to show you where and when your target has been in the last 24 hours. Not only that, but SpyFone even provides a user-friendly dashboard with one of the cleanest and most intuitive user experience. Another great thing is that the company offers a one-time payment instead of a monthly plan. The SpyFone spy app comes in two versions: jailbreak and non-jailbreak.

Advanced features including social media WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat monitoring requires you to jailbreak the target iOS device while Android smartphones require rooting if you want the ability to check social media instant messages. However, there is a workaround to this if you use the keylogger function. Although SpyFone does not offer other advanced features like phone call recording, camera activation, and ambient recording, this is still a solid phone spy app software that is worth considering.

Hoverwatch is one of the many cell phone spy apps that feature all the typical functionalities like tracks and record phone calls, texts, instant messages, locations, and visited websites. The spy phone apps manufacturer even lets you do it all through their secure web portal. The smartphone spy app provides users with an abundance of spy features and has already helped many concerned parents keep their kids safe from cyberbullying and strangers. A great thing about Spyic is that it does not require rooting your Android phone to start working.

The quick app installation only takes 5 minutes of your time to give you remote access to the relevant information and data you need. This is a simple cell phone spy software that offers basic features. SpyHuman is yet another all-in-one spy software that does not require any complicated rooting procedure. The cell phone monitoring software offers many common features like text messages monitoring, keylogging, social media tracking, app tracking, and even some more advanced functionalities like record calls.

One interesting feature that is worth mentioning is that SpyHuman app allows you to blacklist specific phone numbers and contacts to block them from calling your child. Other than that, this spy software even offers you the capacity to listen in and record phone surroundings to help you monitor what is being said around the cell phone. Other than spying capabilities, SpyHuman is also a great anti-theft solution as it can send you alerts when there are any SIM card changes while the GPS tracking feature that helps you locate your device without the thief knowing.

Many of the features offered on SpyHuman are available free of charge. Overall, SpyHuman is an affordable and reliable spying app that less tech-savvy users can count on. Last on our list is SpyBubble, yet another solid option to help you keep track of the phone activities on your target Android devices remotely. SpyBubble does all of this in the background so as to not alert your target that you are observing them. All information is uploaded online that you can access, anytime anywhere.

There are many ways and spying applications that you can choose to help you monitor a smart device without notifying the target. However, most spying apps require you to have physical access to install the mobile spy app into the target phone first before giving you full control remotely.

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It boasts simple features for people like parents. It has a bunch of features, including the ability to hide itself from basically everywhere. It also comes with remote control support, SMS spoofing, and all kinds of other admittedly shady behavior. Carrier Family Locators are family location services by mobile carriers like T-Mobile and others.

10 Best New Free Spying App to Spy on Text Messages

These services work about as expected. You can keep track of the phone location of any phone on your plan. They usually feature things like on-demand location, alerts of various types, and it works on most devices. Several phone manufacturers have phone finding services as part of their software experience. One notable example is Samsung.

You log in with your Samsung account and you can find your device with its service. You can lock or unlock your phone, find it on a map, and there are other features as well. XNSPY is a bit of a weird case. It has all of those frightening features like monitoring call logs, GPS tracking, monitoring web browsing, access chats, and all kinds of other tracking stuff.

However, it goes for less than most of its bigger competitors like FlexiSpy and Spyera. The basic version lets you look at some stuff while the premium version lets you look at everything.

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This is a good option for businesses or families with some money to spend, but families may want to try Google Family Link or Kiddie Parental Controls before something more powerful like this. Of course, some of these apps may be on your device without your knowledge and you may want to find out. However, there are a few ways to see if something may be spying on you.

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