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These are the best step counter apps and pedometer apps to download on the App Store or Google Play in With an impressive 4. Even though the free version works as a pedometer, upgrading to the premium version gets you so many more insights on your progress — like how your activity stacks up against that of other users. Guess what? You don't actually need a Fitbit tracker in order to use the Fitbit app!

12 Best Walking Apps to Download for 2021

In addition to being a step tracker, this app can also log your food and hydration each day while managing your health and fitness goals. Cost: free Get it for iOS or Android.

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Charity Miles lets you donate money to the charity of your choice based on how much you walk, run, or even bike. The free step counter app syncs steps with your phone's Health Kit or Strava , an app for running and cycling. This is one of the best step counter apps for Android because it was developed directly by Google in a collaboration with the American Heart Association.

It tracks way more than just steps: it monitors all of your physical activity and lets you set fitness goals by working with the other health apps you have on your phone already. MyFitnessPal is often considered one of the best calorie counting apps , but not many people know that it also has a step tracking feature. The app can use the motion detection sensors in your phone or an external device, like a Fitbit for example. If you also use it to track your food intake, your daily calorie bank will adjust appropriately depending on how many daily steps you log.

There's also the option to customize your step goals so you stay motivated and on track for weight loss. Similar to the popular running app both are from Under Armour! While you're working out, it shows you all kinds of stats that track your performance, including distance and step count. Select personalised ads. Apply market research to generate audience insights.

ActivityTracker (the app) - Simple App Step Counter 🏃‍♂️

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Stay Fit and Compete with Friends

When it comes to cardio workouts, activities like running and spinning often get all the glory. While cardio exercise comes in many forms, one of the most straightforward is actually walking. Yes, walking is a legitimate way to move your body, whether you stick to a leisurely pace or go at it with speed, flying elbows and all. What should you look for in a walking app? Like running apps, fitness expert Anthony Crouchelli says metrics, maps, and GPS are imperative features in a walking app.

All you have to do is start.

Brittany Watts , CPT, says a calorie estimator and pace-setting components are helpful, too. Before lacing up and getting step happy, Watts says the right pair of sneakers is crucial.

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Ready to get your walk on? Ahead, we rounded up the best walking apps to get you in the zone. Why We Chose It: MapMyWalk is an easy-to-use app for walkers of all levels, tracking your walk with GPS and delivering pertinent stats, from milage to duration and burned calories. Also, its built-in community and challenges keep motivation high. What We Like. At a quick glance, you can trace your route via a red line that echos your every move. For those interested in the nitty-gritty details, the app will break down your performance with easy-to-read charts and graphs with motivating badges to keep you striving.

The app syncs to Under Armor shoes, instantly tracking everything from your average pace and cadence to your stride length. It even calculates your total distance and step count and will tell you when it last synced. Personalized coaching tips are offered along the way, too—an excellent feature for users seeking more guidance.

The 10 best fitness apps

But one of the most-loved features of MapMyWalk is the ability to save your favorite routes or find new ones to explore. Wherever you are around the world—be it your neighborhood or exploring on vacation—you can discover new routes and load your saved favorites. MapMyWalk also has a community page where users can connect, share their results, and support each other. Whether you want to start challenges with friends to push your crew, set group goals, or experience the same walks together, the community aspects are available with every step.

Why We Chose It: Walkmeter stands out for its impressive features and maps, which are ideal for fitness walkers looking to improve speed and distance. Walkmeter is a GPS-powered walking and hiking app geared toward fitness walkers. Other data tracked includes heart rate, speed, step count and cadence, and your ascent and descent. The app automatically detects stops, records temperature and weather conditions, and shows you terrain and traffic with Google Maps.

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To easily view and analyze all of your stats and maps, simply swipe across the stopwatch. Walkmeter features voice-enabled controls via Siri for hands-free use. You can choose from hundreds of configurable announcements, whether you want to start or stop your walk and ask for on-demand statistics like distance, time, speed, elevation, heart rate, and distance intervals. Add to Wishlist. Walking for Weight Loss is a professional interval walking fitness plan specially designed for weight loss. Combining walking exercises with speed-up method, it can help you effectively burn fat and lose weight in a short time.

This walking app suits different exercise goals and workout levels. It provides 3 difficulty levels of walking exercises. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can find workouts that are suitable for you. This walking app supports both outdoor walking exercises and indoor treadmill workouts. Just put on your headphones, and the audio will guide you through each exercise.

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Walking and speed-up techniques in the Walking for Weight Loss App help you lose fat and get in shape in a short period of time. Keep walking and stay healthy with this activity tracker app! The best calorie counter, distance tracker, interval training timer, and activity tracker apps help you burn calories, lose fat and improve health. Weight Loss Apps Looking for weight loss apps and map tracker?