Part 1: Safespy – Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

All of the above-mentioned applications have their own system requirements, but what all of the applications have in common is the fact that they run on mobile devices. So in regard to what mobile device you are using, you need to find the appropriate application to be used.

Are There Free Spy Apps for Android?

This way, you can see all that they do without giving your suspicions away. It also allows you to see all the Snapchat multimedia files. This fantastic spy app also allows you to monitor other social media messaging platforms, like Facebook , Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. With all these features, mSpy is our choice to catch a cheater. Is it free?

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Although they have refund policy, so you can use it 14 days for free and then get your money back. Auto Forward spy app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. This app can remotely monitor many instant messaging platforms. Auto Forward spy app offers a host of additional features, such as information about emails, contacts, calls and text messages, and view media files also. However, the Auto Forward spy app has no live customer support, and this can be frustrating to users that need immediate help.

SpyBubble is also an excellent free Android spy app for cheating spouses. This app comes with basic features that allow you to execute minimum spy functions on any cell phone. SpyBubble is a top mobile phone spy software that allows you to get access to all the content on your target device.

This app is one of the best for people looking to keep a close eye on online activities of others. It runs smoothly with devices with Android and iOS operating systems. You get live customer support to assist you at any time. However, this spy app may be detectable because it leaves an icon on the target device, although under a different name.

All the information will be supplied to you with time and date stamps too. TheTruthSpy lets you monitor a mobile phone in real-time. It also gives you all the profile details about who the person is chatting with, including media files. You can track popular third-party chat apps, and get notified about all new texts, calls, and apps installed on the phone. The app works on different operating systems, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian devices. TheTruthSpy app has no free version, and its prices are a bit expensive too.

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With MobiPast, tracking any activities on your target device is very easy. It all depends on what do you need the application for? As it has been stated before, some applications provide message spying services while other provide a direct GPS location. So in regard to what you will use the application for, there is an application designed for that specific task.

On the other hand there are also some applications that offer a multiple choices when it comes to spying. As it has been stated before, there are a lot of mobile spy applications, and with the huge number of mobile spy applications released there is a huge amount of options in each application itself. So the number of methods for spying on your spouse has never been higher. The only thing that you need to figure out is what the best method is for you so that you can go ahead and pick the appropriate mobile spy application that excels at the given task.

Through the cell spy app, you can get all the details like the time and the duration every call was made or received by the cell phone of your spouse. It also tracks made by Skype and Viber. You can view the sites your partner browses thru.

The best monitoring solution

In the process, you can check all the emails, chat messages and IMs sent and received through the cell. Some of the most common chats which are popularly used online are Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

Advanced Parental Monitoring App

All these chats can be viewed by you on the control panel. Great thing about a good spy software like mSpy app is that it lets you to monitor the target phone in real time. It records everything that happens on the phone so even if your partner deletes some messages or call logs they will be saved on a web server you can always access. Software starts recording data the moment the phone is turned on. If you want to avoid uncomfortable arguments about invading privacy you can use some of many stealth software that become invisible the moment you install them on the phone.

These apps are usually compatible with all popular operating systems including Android, iPhone , Windows.

A free application with many features

After you install the software you will get a unique web account only you can access where all the data will be stored. With these apps you can:. If you need a free cheating spouse app for Android or iPhone, the chances are that you stumble across lots of options on the web. However, many of these apps put you at various security risks. These will let you listen in on calls and record calls, even calls made through WhatsApp, Messenger, and other communication apps on the target phone.

You will also get remote access to the target phone camera and microphone. Hoverwatch is an undetectable Android spy app for parents. Children will not be able to see it or remove it from the target phone. You will get constant updates on everything the target phone user does and where they go.

This spy app for Android tracks social media so you know who your kids are contacting while blocking them from accessing explicit websites. Just like many other free undetectable Android spy apps on this list, Hoverwatch offers a free sign up. Try Hoverwatch. With KidsGuard Pro Android spy app, you can monitor the activity on a target phone belonging to your kid or employee.

There is so much you can do with this app, but what stands out is the intuitive and user-friendly interface. In total, with this monitoring app, you can monitor over 30 social media apps alongside Wi-Fi and GPS location tracking on the target cell phone. Some other things you can access are call logs, browser history, app activities, and video thumbnails, among other things. Try KidsGuard Pro. Famiguard is one of the best spy apps for Android. It is discrete and tamper-proof, meaning it will not be easy for your kids to find it or remove it from the target phone. It is compatible with all modern Android devices.

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You can try this Android spy app for free, making it the best free undetectable spy app for Android. Also, FamiGuard offers a 3-day trial, so the users can test out the app prior to finalizing their purchase. Try FamiGuard. Cocospy lets you be in the know. Like the other free hidden spy apps for Android, this spy app runs anonymously and can control the target phone remotely.

Try Cocospy. Spyic is an award-winning mobile tracking spy app for Android that works for Android phones and PCs. It is loaded with a wide range of features that beat those offered by competitors. This undetectable Android spy app offers a free sign-up, alongside an option to try out the demo of the app. In this demo, you can see how the app performs, and get an overall feel for the product.

Try Spyic. Qustodio is another undetectable spy app that safeguards your kids from harm when using cell phone devices. The spy app is best for fighting addiction on Android phones while filtering content and sending alerts straight to a dashboard you control remotely. Qustodio Android undetectable app offers some of the most advanced kid-protection features up there.

Best Way to Track Cheating Spouse, Cell Phone Tracking , Track Cell Phone Location

One notable upgrade is their TensorFlow Lite Deep function which scans through the device and detects suspicious images. Try Qustodio. The Android spy apps presented here are undetectable and let you sign up for free. Besides, many of these Android spy apps have a live demo or free trial to help you sample the feel of the spyware.

Others boast a comfortable refund policy with up to a day money-back guarantee. Any other providers promising you absolutely monitoring app are most likely scams seeking to steal your data or inject malware into your devices. The millennial generation is tech-savvy, unlike past generations, they know everything about a cell phone. Even though there is good educational and entertainment content, kids tend to explore more about the other features. And, we all know how dangerous the internet can be.

They may want to interact with friends, but strangers can also come in, so it will be pertinent to get an undetectable spy app to monitor their online activity and know their location. There is a wide variety of Android spy apps to choose from — just pick your favorite and choose your favorite tracking feature!

Android spy apps help employers know the productiveness of their employees. Since companies hold sensitive trade secrets and strategies, these Android spy apps help them detect if an employee is leaking the information to competitors by reading emails and other forms of external communication thanks to many tracking feature options.