How to Detect iPhone Spyware

What would they care about the information on your cell phone?

Your iPhone Is Spying On You -- Here's How To Stop It

There are multiple reasons why someone might want to monitor your smartphone-based activities. You could have important business-related information stored on your device. If you have any money at all in your bank account or anything left on your credit limit, someone would love to steal that. So, is someone spying on your phone? Are they using cell phone spying software? How do you tell when someone is watching you through your cell phone? What can you do about it if they are?

Those are excellent questions, and they are the reason I wrote this article. Luckily, there are warning signs that you can pick up on that will alert you that there may be spyware infecting your device and monitoring your activities.

While some signs are tougher to pick up on than others, if you stay aware of how your device usually performs, you can detect if something is going on with your device. Here are the 10 ways to tell whether or not someone is monitoring your smartphone. Has your monthly data usage spiked recently? That could indicate that someone has installed spyware on your device.

Lower-quality spy tools will try to send as much data about your device back to their home base AKA the bad guys as they possibly can. This can use large amounts of data. On the other end of the spectrum, some of the spyware makers are quite skilled at it, and their sneaky apps are much more selective with what info they look for and send back home. This makes detection a bit tougher.

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It all comes down to making sure that you stay aware of your monthly data usage and pay close attention to any sudden spikes in usage that you might see. To check your cellular data usage on an Android 9 device, do the following. The process should be similar on other versions of Android.

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To check your cellular data usage on an iPhone running iOS 14, do the following. Is your smartphone rebooting for no obvious reason or without your manually rebooting it? Someone may have unauthorized remote access to your smartphone. Unexpected reboots may indicate someone has remote admin access and can reboot your device at will.

This would also indicate they have all sorts of other access to your device and the personal data stored on it. Or, it could mean the latest app or operating system you recently downloaded has a bug in it. Check for new updates for the OS or app. See if you can duplicate the device reboot by using the app that was open when it happened.

On your Android device, you can install and run antivirus or anti-malware security software to scan your device. In the days of analog cell phone networks, weird noises in the background and unstable connections were to be expected. Have you either received unexpected messages with weird characters in them, or have your friends or other parties reported receiving weird or offensive messages from your phone? This can be a sign that you have spyware or malware installed on your smartphone. SMS worms spread themselves through the online world by sending text messages with links embedded in them.

If the victim taps the link, the worm can infect their smartphone. On your Android device, you can install and run security software such as antivirus or anti-malware to scan your device. Spyware monitors all of your on-device activities and sends information about these activities back to the bad actors that infected your device.

Shortened battery life often goes hand-in-hand with increased data usage due to the activities of the spyware. Taking screenshots, copying and pasting text, recording your conversations, and possibly taking photos or recording video can eat up battery life at an alarming rate. This is especially obvious when your smartphone is supposedly idle. Then, monitor the battery usage. But, you can make a Genius Bar appointment and they can check your battery for you.

While increased battery temperature can be a sign of multiple technical issues, it can also indicate that unauthorized activities, like spyware activities, are occurring in the background.

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If it is overly warm, then spyware could be working behind the scenes , collecting information and sending it back to home base. It gets so obvious sometimes that you start to wonder if maybe your phone is actually listening to you or reading your mind. What kind of sorcery is this? Can your mobile phone really hear your real-life conversations? Normally, brands get permission from third-party sites like your social networking channels and websites you visit to view your activity on the internet.

The data they get ranges anywhere from the cookies you accept to your demographic information age and location , and more.

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Big data, artificial intelligence, and algorithms all work together to target ads efficiently. The more data gathered about your audience, the more precise these campaigns will turn out to be. Artificial intelligence fuels most if not all online marketing tools to automate processes and reduce errors.

Each social media channel or ad network has specific algorithms that identify the best size, time, and type of ad to show to a user for maximum effect. Over the past couple of years, this issue has gained enough traction to compel major tech companies to release statements to the public. Google has also followed suit, saying that they do not use ambient noises to serve targeted ads. Only Apple has somehow admitted to this phenomenon, but only when you are using Siri.

They also claim that it is used for optimization. However, there is no stopping their servers from recording conversations you have when the voice assistant is triggered. Can your phone hear you? It could read messages, emails, listen in on calls, take screenshots, pull browser history, contacts Just a few months ago, in fact, it was discovered that a paid app in the Mac App Store claiming to combat malware called Adware Doctor was actually a piece of spyware. It collected user data across different browsers, then sent it back to a server based in China.

Another spyware app, called Exodus , initially designed for Android devices, recently targeted hundreds of unsuspecting iPhone users.

On the upside, Apple has recently started cracking down on spyware marketed as parental control apps and sold within the App Store. Most spyware programs are designed to run undetected by the user. This means you could be infected without even knowing.

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  • Apple works tirelessly to implement extra layers of security to protect our devices from all types of malicious software. While some spyware can be installed remotely, much of the time the perpetrator needs to have physical access to your iPhone. So make sure you have PIN codes or biometric authentication set up on all devices to avoid the risk of anyone tampering with them in person. If you haven't enabled 2FA 2-Factor Authentication yet, do this to give your account an extra layer of protection. When you sign into your personal account, 2FA will require you to enter an additional code previously generated and sent to your device.

    This way, no one will access your account information without entering this code. The least popular method. If none of the above-mentioned options worked - try to factory reset your iPhone. A dedicated cybersecurity app for macOS as well as iOS products that scans files and apps in real-time for malware, such as Clario , can go a long way towards ensuring your Mac never gets infected again. I agree to receive news, updates, and marketing offers. Read more in Privacy Notice.