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Click the BlackBerry Tracker icon on your home screen. Then login using the username that you created in step 1. Once you're logged in, the app is all setup and ready to go! Once the client application is running on your phone, GPS coordinates will then be sent to the server at the interval you specify on your phone Ex. Tracking History After the application has been running on your phone, you will begin to accumulate a history of GPS data.

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You can see the path of your phone between any two dates. On the home page select Tracking History. Track Friends Want to let your friends see your location? Now you can with Blackberry Tracker. Start off by having your friends sign up for an account. In order to track a phone some sort of tracking software has to be installed beforehand. If your Blackberry was paired to an Blackberry Enterprise Server which has location tracking enabled you might be able to but that's something you probably have to ask the administrator of the BES then.

James Bruce No, BBs can't do that. Here's how to access commonly pirated apps for free, at a discount, or through alternative software. My blackberry was stolen, I just want to find out if my bbm pin will stay the same, I have been trying to invite my bbm pin again but nothing, can you change you pin or does it stay the same. I had blackberry , last week we went to Paris and on my way to the hotel I forgot it in taxi it was turned off but when I called my phone it was turned on, all I want is to get my pictures back ,,,it had password help plzzzzz :. It's simple - just invite the pin to bbm if that person accepts you start engaging with them, set up a meeting and ZAP!!!

My blackberry curve has been stolenif u could suggest me how to try n track it??????? If you had installed any tracking apps or had enabled GPS on your Blackberry then you can easily track it and can follow the steps mentioned in the above comments. You might have seen Google latitude - advertising. Oh god, then I've done a big mistake. List to helpful sites - advertising.

How do I track a stolen blackberry by using another blackberry smartphone? Nicholus, I'm afraid unless you activated software that can track your phone before it got stolen, you cannot track it now. I'm having difficulties of activating my "blackberry Protect" and i want to have access of viewing my phone while it activated Did you follow the steps mentioned in the article link below - advertising.

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You can track it by following the link below - advertising. I've lost my BB 2 days ago and I've already reported it the police, they said that it would take at least 1 month to find it Follow the instructions in the link below to know how to successfully track your phone - advertising.

If GPS tracking app is installed,then track it or if you'd installed TheSnooper app,you can track it from their site too. If your phone has GPS tracking enabled,then you can track it.

In order to use Blackberry protect, you need below required things:

If the phone has GPS tracking app installed then you can track your phone. My blackberry had been stolen yesterday in school :' can u really track it down? Only you can track your phone yourself. Try tracking it using GPS method. If you've GPS tracking installed,you can track it. I just lost my bb today and i do have gps installed.. You can protect apps with a password.

You can also send delete commands via email. One of the advanced features of this BlackBerry app aside from the ability to track your stolen phone, is that it allows you to erase the data on your device remotely.

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This one of the BlackBerry stolen phone apps has a range of features that will enable you to find and get your device back. It comes at a fixed price which you pay only once USD 4. You will get the coordinates of the device sent to you.

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The message display feature allows you to provide your contact details to the person who has your phone. You may even offer an award to get your BlackBerry back. You can have your phone call you. This is a particularly useful feature which may open room for negotiation with the person who has the device. In addition, you can always play sound remotely.