Click here to check price discount applied automatically after clicking the link, valid only for a limited period of time. We rank it not only as the best spy app for WhatsApp, but as an all-round fantastic, easy to use spy app, period. Considered one of the veterans on the market, they have started developing their software since and have been producing upgrade upon upgrade ever since. One of the spying features they are best known for being their top notch parental control features as a monitoring software and spying app for the purpose of monitoring their kids activities, and this includes spying on WhatsApp.

Full details of the WhatsApp messages and conversations from the target device will be made available on this app, including the contact details, date and time the messages were sent and received, as well as all multimedia files exchanged.

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Other notable best features of this spy app for WhatsApp are the geofencing and fantastic in-built keylogger that provides real time notifications from the target phone on an easy-to-understand app dashboard or interface. Jailbreak and root for Android are not required, while there are separate jailbreak and non-jailbreaking versions for the iPhone monitoring app.

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The Basic Bundle has the option of a one-month license only, while the Premium Bundle and No-Jailbreak Bundle have 1-month, 3-months and 1-year licenses. Those who are interested can make use of the 7-day free trial that this spy app for WhatsApp offers. It is one of the best app free WhatsApp spy applications that has everything you would require of a spy tool or monitoring software, and our experience with this spy app customer support was fantastic.

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The customer support team has great product knowledge, clear explanations on what products, packages or tools they have to offer. Spyzie is also a popular spy app for WhatsApp. It is available on Android phones and tablets as well as iPhone. Specific to WhatsApp spying, you will be able to track all activities occurring within WhatsApp itself. This includes being able to spy on WhatsApp messages, including those in group chats, spy on photos, videos and audios on the target phone or target device, a GPS location tracker, and you will be able to view the WhatsApp call log.

Other than spying on WhatsApp spy apps, the other features of a good spy app such as web browser browsing history tracking, location tracking, spying on camera, SMS spying functions, photo and screen recording, and tracking of social media including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram are also available on this app.

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You do not need to jailbreak your iPhone to use the Spyzie app, and you also do not need to root the Android phone or any other Android and iOS device. WhatsApp spying and all spying uses on these spy apps can be done remotely and hidden from the target device. It is useful to note that for Android devices, the best thing is that Spyzie supports WhatsApp spy chat as well as WhatsApp multimedia monitoring, whereas for iPhone, it supports only spy WhatsApp chat monitoring.

So if you are someone who uses an iPhone and you need WhatsApp multimedia and call spying functions, this would not be the best for you at this point. We suggest considering another app instead.

Best Phone Spy Apps: Free Android & iPhone Mobile Spying App

A further note for iOS users is that the latest versions of iOS are yet to be supported by this spying app, however, those who use Android phones have no issue with compatibility. Spyic is also a crowd favorite among those who are familiar with WhatsApp spy apps. The company has a reputation for being a fantastic phone monitoring and WhatsApp spying solution. Since its launch, this app has gained major popularity and has made appearances on established platforms. Till date, Spyic has gained a following that reaches nearly countries.

On the WhatsApp front, Spyic provides real time and very quick updates on an easy-to-use interface with a straightforward dashboard to boot. Any text messages, WhatsApp chats, calls and files received by WhatsApp on the target device will appear as alerts on the app user dashboard, along with its date and time punched in, all the while being hidden from the target user.

This spy tracker software also features cell phone call logs; all SMS, phone messages and messaging applications; Facebook spying; Instagram spying; password tracking; as well as web browser information and activity. Additionally, the website searches across Google Chrome, Firefox and other internet providers are synced and accurately updated.

The date and time that the searches and actions were performed will also be logged so that the user can track it when they look back. This is a feature that first caught the interest of parents who wanted a monitoring app with spy feature, surveillance software or spying app to monitor activities and know what their teens were watching online. Other than the features mentioned above, Spyic is a licensed software that enables users to view call history, have GPS location tracking, track web browsers activities, review installed applications on the target device, as well as log keystrokes on Microsoft Office, note-taking apps, email and even the calculator!

Spyic is compatible with all iPhones and iPads, as well as phones and tablets which run on Android 4 and above.

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No jailbreak or root is required. Do note that to install Spyic on the target phone, an initial 5 minutes of physical access and Wi Fi is required.

Best Phone Spy Apps: Free Android & iPhone Mobile Spying App

Otherwise, installation and account setup for this WhatsApp spy apps is simple to use. Following the setup, physical access to the target phone will no longer be necessary. The app runs on discrete or stealth mode, and all subsequent tracking data and WhatsApp spy spying data may be done remotely. Spyic offers a few plans for use: the Basic 1 device , the Premium 1 device and the Family up to 3 devices —. Spyic offers a few plans for use: the Family Plan up to 5 devices , the Premium Plan 1 device and the Business Plan up to 25 devices —.

In our opinion, Spyic offers incredible value for money. A bonus feature that we love is the excellent customer support to help choose the right package for your spying needs. Those looking for the best WhatsApp spy app for WhatsApp should definitely look into Spyic and consider purchasing this WhatsApp spy app.

However, rooting on Android phones is necessary if you would like to also view WhatsApp call logs. Presently, WhatsApp call logs are still unavailable on iOS phones. Of course, in addition to WhatsApp spying, it also comes with features such as geo-fencing, keylogging, viewing text messages or imessages — including messages deleted by the target device, spying on emails, location tracking, viewing website and web browser history, and more.

Discreetly sends data on all Internet browsing and other web-related activity to a secure account. Parents or employers can see exactly what their children or employees are doing and who they're talking to on the Internet and on their mobile devices. If WebWatcher is installed on two or more devices used by the same individual, all data for that user will be combined into a single report. Trusted by Millions of Parents. WebWatcher Discreetly sends data on all Internet browsing and other web-related activity to a secure account. Android Monitoring No Rooting Required!

Compatibility WebWatcher is guaranteed to be compatible with all operating systems listed below. Android 4 — PC Windows. Intelligent parental control filters stop your kids from viewing inappropriate sites while our app lets you monitor all your children's activity, screen time, app usage, location, photos and videos by using our parental android app. We keep the app displayed so the teen knows about the active protection of their device and understands it is not for spying on kids or just sms tracking and call blocking but to guard from potential risks like cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts, sexting and pedophile predators on social networks.

Are the apps on their phone appropriate for kids? Are they getting enough sleep?

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Are they being bullied? This is especially useful for capturing sexting images that may be sent through apps such as Snapchat or Tic Tok. Find your Child on demand The GPS Tracker and locator provides you real-time location of your child's device and keeps you updated on their movements. Healthy Time Management Safe Lagoon lets you simply schedule screen time and app use.

Keep track of how long your child is spending on their device. Allow educational apps.