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If you can't find the Tasks app, search for the names in the first note of this article.

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The app could still be in the process of being renamed. To allow or block specific users in your organization from using Tasks, make sure Tasks is turned on for your organization on the Manage apps page, and then create a custom app permission policy and assign it to those users. To learn more, see Manage app permission policies in Teams. App setup policies let you customize Teams to highlight the apps that are most important for users in your organization. The apps you set in a policy are pinned to the app bar—the bar on the side of the Teams desktop client and at the bottom of the Teams mobile clients—where users can quickly and easily access them.

To pin the Tasks app for your users, you can edit the global Org-wide default policy or create and assign a custom app setup policy. To learn more, see Manage app setup policies in Teams. If you don't want a user to see My tasks , you can hide it.

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To do this, remove the user's Exchange Online license. It's important to know that after you remove an Exchange Online license, the user no longer has access to their mailbox.

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Mailbox data is held for 30 days, after which the data will be removed and can't be recovered unless the mailbox is placed on In-Place Hold or Litigation Hold. We don't recommend this for information workers, but there may be some scenarios where this could apply, such as for Frontline Workers who don't depend on email.

With task publishing, your organization can publish task lists targeted to specific locations teams across your organization to define and share a work plan to be completed at those locations.

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Users create, manage, and publish task lists on the Published lists tab in the Tasks app. This tab only shows for a user if your organization set up a team targeting hierarchy and the user is on a team that's included in the hierarchy. The hierarchy determines whether the user can publish or receive task lists and view reporting for received lists. Contoso is rolling out a new food takeout and delivery promotion.

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To maintain a consistent brand experience, they need to coordinate consistent execution of the rollout across over store locations. The Marketing team shares the promotion details and the corresponding list of tasks with the Retail Communications Manager. The Retail Communications Manager, who serves as the gatekeeper for stores, reviews the information, creates a task list for the promotion, and then creates a task for each unit of work that needs to be performed by each of the affected stores.

When the task list is complete, she needs to select the stores that must complete the work. In this case, the promotion only applies to stores in the United States that have an in-store restaurant. In Tasks, she filters the store list based on the in-store restaurant attribute, selects the matching United States locations in the hierarchy, and then publishes the task list to those stores. Store managers at each location receive a copy of the published tasks and assign those tasks to their team members. Managers can use the Tasks experience to understand all the work required across their store.

They can also use the available filters to focus on a specific set of work, such as work due today or work in a particular area. We can't read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either. Every message, every call, every time. Speak Freely Make crystal-clear voice and video calls to people who live across town, or across the ocean, with no long-distance charges.

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Make Privacy Stick Add a new layer of expression to your conversations with encrypted stickers. You can also create and share your own sticker packs. Get Together with Groups Group chats make it easy to stay connected to your family, friends, and coworkers. No ads. No trackers. If you have a scope that allowed you to use a classic decomposed conversation method, that scope will work with the Conversations API equivalent.

For instance, conversations.

Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs

If you only have channels:read , then conversations. If you have both channels:read and im:read , then methods will only return public channels and DMs, and so on.

One exception: if you're developing a workspace app, you'll want to use the umbrella scopes below. Legacy workspace apps are deprecated and will retire in August Learn more. Workspace apps no longer need to request scopes for each individual type of conversation, like channels:read and groups:read. Now, each conversations method has a matching conversations scope that allows full use of the method. For instance, the conversations. The only three scopes that workspace apps need to worry about in order to use the Conversations API are conversations:read , conversations:history , and conversations:write.

Note: deprecated scopes like channels:read will still work for workspace apps for the time being.

What you need to know about Tasks

The Conversations API uses our cursor-based pagination model , improving the performance of requests over large sets of data. You could even walk through a list of channels 1-by-1 if you fancy. Please keep in mind that it's possible to receive fewer results than your specified limit , even when there are additional results to retrieve. When looking up MPIMs using the conversations. When requesting MPIMs, it may return only 5.

There are a few circumstances channel IDs might change within a workspace. If you can operate without depending on their stability, you'll be well-prepared for unfortunate hijinks. In the future, we'll mitigate this unexpected transition with appropriate Events API events or other solutions. In the meantime, be aware this might happen and use conversations.

IM formats may differ from other channel objects for a while. We're working towards making all objects the same format. You may notice members lists that aren't meant to be there. When a channel becomes unshared, conversations.