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Help me find out if she did.

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A colleague of mine has been making a video documentary based on real and fresh data relating to Government corruption. However, his computer started crashing. He bought another, new computer and after a while that started crashing too. He consulted with tech people who confirmed that neither computers should be behaving like that. From Josh Kirschner on February 26, :: pm. This, alone, is indicative of nothing, and could just be bad luck or related to software that your friend is installing on his or her computers.

Now, if your friend is an a country that has a history of repressing government critics - Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, etc. Thank you for such a rapid response. We are not in the US and my colleague has high profile notoriety that is why I believe that is not unlikely. Government has been shown to spy on its citizens.

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I cannot disclose any names because of that. But, how can the devices being used be checked for external tampering to prove or otherwise? I am on this site enquiring because things are getting a tad scary and this seems more discreet. That means having a computer fully encrypted with a complex password and, ideally, two-factor authentication for access. I have been stalked, hacked and am being put through other things that are inhumane.

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All of my bank accounts, cell phone accounts and other accounts are continuously being hacked into. Is there a list somewhere that i can find out as to why?

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It started as soon as my divorce was finalized and following a breakup in Please help figure out whats going on. I have a lg charge and someone has been logging into my stuff. Please help me. From Josh Kirschner on March 15, :: pm.

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Not clear what you are observing that is making you believe other people are logging into your accounts. Can you provide more info on what is going on? Hi Josh, I have strong passwords, encrypted phone and end -to-end encryption chats ie, WhatsApp and signal but my spouse still has my chats and can even access my phones without touching my phone.

I haved changed phones but she still has remote access to my phone. How is they possible?

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What have you seen that makes you think your spouse can access your phone? What kind of phone do you have? How is this possible? My girlfriends ex has her phone cloned. He has access to her mic, her messages and photos. He regularly sends me photos shes taken on her phone. He also has the ability to change her settings, as he regularly turns off her location settings and texts that he is coming to take her he uses web based texting and the police wont do anything as theres nothing tying it to him How do I break a clone like this to an iPhone 8 plus?

IM being gang stalked and harassed by a number of individuals who liven in a house nearby they got a living situation from a dead relative and are usin git to hack people in my neighbor hood but are targetting me based on the fact that I make financial and life mistakes and am also disabled which is why IM now being harrassed daily for it I dont know what to do As they have hacked my phone and feel as though IM being surveyed constantly by these people please help.

So i met a cool woman who is going to be at the same convention I am next year and we excahnged numbers. I saw her call my cell from hers so I would have her number and then she texted me from the same phone so I would have her correct spelling. The txt number was not the same as the number that called in and was logged. I took a print screen of it cuz I thought it was a weird glitch and an hour later the txt matched the number she called in on.

Some of the most common, and most effective, methods for stealing passwords

So i checked the print screen and sure enough it was different. Do you think it was just a glitch? From Josh Kirschner on April 24, :: pm. They prevent me from getting phone calls and emails and also prevented me from being able to call to contact my employer. From Josh Kirschner on April 30, :: pm. That sounds highly unlikely. Do you have a security app on your device telling you it found malware? If so, which one. My phone hangs everytime I used it. Its a non-removable battery. Please help me how to fix it.

Somehow, I have noticed high data usage of apps that I do not open or use very often. My Android phone is off, but I do need to use it. The camera issue in my apartment is the most concerning. My facebook account among numerous others was hacked, password changed, my posts and photos deleted and lies inserted. Hi, so my phone just recently added a password itself, eventhough i didnt add any password, is my phone hacked? From Josh Kirschner on May 07, :: pm. At first I thought it was a fluke, but I am not sure.

I have seen nothing else that is alarming. From Josh Kirschner on May 08, :: pm. Dear Josh, I need to admit that I got attracted to a facebook page who sells clone cellphones whereas they claims that they are a Made in Korea clone phones. I bought a Samsung galaxy phone with a cheaper price. And I am afraid that it is hacked.

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I research about it and at some point it has the characteristics of being hacked and sometimes its not. Some of the stories here definitely sounds like cases of gangstalking. It is real indeed, and getting more and more commonplace. If that is the case, better passwords wont help, if they have certain technology in place.

Find a way to deal with the situation, learn from other peoples experience. Realize and accept that you do not have any privacy. Gangstalking is mainly an elaborate scare tactics scheme, keep that in mind. Yes, this is becoming rampant. Cell phones and all of my accounts have been accessed numerous times. No, I believe technology has gotten into the wrong hands. From Josh Kirschner on June 04, :: pm.

I strongly doubt it is in any way hacking related. My phone was hacked and my journal was use to stalk and harassed my ex what can I do? Please I need help. C O M for exposing her to the world for the true evil that she is, now i have proof and i have filed a divorce. The USG spent millions on me to study cyber, as I was to lead the rollout of domestic training.

Budget topped. The hackers you can not get rid of work for cell phone company. Mine was a tmobile call center guy. Do a bug report on your cell phone. I did and got his company email address, all the cell numbers he cloned my phone to. They have all account access. Theres sompthing ring with my phone 1 when I try to look up how to find the owner to phone numbers on google it keeps going to a way off the line page or it seas page not avalibeal to you I checked my setting I dident see any thing stoping me!!

Guess what? I find that I know more than the cell phone professionals I tried to enlist to help me. Peruse the crapload of apps on Google Play that only require a phone number to stalk someone. For the love of GOD! From Josh Kirschner on June 14, :: pm. Leave a Comment Here.