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Track Phone Location. Android screenshots. Saves All the Contacts. Spy on text messages This powerful phone app is created to spy on text messages and thus allows you to view all the information received and sent by the device user Sign up free. Step 1 Sign up to your free online account: enter email and a new password. Step 2 Download and install the best phone tracker app from online account. Step 3 Monitor all recorded data and recorded calls in your online account. Your email.

Set a password. I agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. You must agree to Sign Up. What are the functions of this app? Spy on text messages regardless of whether they were sent or received by the user. Read the messages received and sent using WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber. View calls information, including time, date, duration of the call, and contact name. Get access to phone book information, including contact names, phone numbers, and any additional information, such as occupation or email address. View entire browser activity and see when and how often the device user visited certain websites.

Get a picture every time a user unlocks the phone to see who is actually using it at any given moment. Track location of the Android device user. Receive a notification every time a user changes the SIM card to a different one. Remain in the invisible mode so that the user is completely unaware of the presence of this free text message spy even if the device is unrooted. Spying on WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messages now possible with Hoverwatch While text messages are still incredibly popular among users, people who are used to sending dozens of messages a day prefer more convenient ways of communicating, including WhatsApp and Facebook chats.

How can this spy app become useful to you? The date and time stamp with each keystroke makes keystroke tracking more detailed. If you suspect your spouse of an affair then missing their social account and instant messaging apps can be a big mistake. The list of social apps and instant messaging apps that uMobix support is also quite long. As you can see, uMobix also monitors the TikTok activities of the user. Being one of the most influential apps of recent times, it becomes important to keep an eye on the TikTok account of the kids.

Unlike most spy apps, uMobix monitors incognito history for you. Tracking with screenshots makes tracking of data even better What We Didn't Like Bookmarks are not shown by the app. KidsGuard Pro monitoring app for Android phones offers some features without rooting that is not provided by any other apps.

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Along with the normal features like tracking of calls, messages on social media, tracking of videos, photos, keylogger, location tracking, etc, you get some advanced features as well. Using the KidsGuard Pro Call Recording feature, you can eavesdrop on the call recording of the target device. And this feature worked perfectly for us.

By getting remote access to the target phone remotely, the app takes screenshots while the target person is using their phone.

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If sometimes you wonder what your kids are doing right now, you can curb out your curiosity by getting access to the rear camera and secretly take photos of the surroundings. The remotely captured photos, call recordings, and phone screenshots might take some time in uploading on the portal.

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The feature that impressed us the most and worked beyond our expectations was Keylogger. KidsGuard Pro keylogger works better than the keylogger of almost every spy app. In addition to that, the updates on the keylogger section were within seconds. So if you notice something that requires immediate action, you can rely on KidsGuard Pro for that. If social media and instant messaging apps are your keen areas of tracking, even then KidsGuard Pro can be your primary choice.

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Be it for spying on WhatsApp , Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram, you can easily keep a track of all the social media accounts easily. The monitoring of social accounts is not solely dependent on text. Along with the text, you will receive the screenshots while the target person is using their social media accounts. All of these amazing features can be accessed while the app runs in stealth mode. So basically, KidsGuard Pro makes your monitoring experience complete in each and every aspect.

When it comes to pricing, you can go for 3 different plans based on the devices. The list for the best hidden Android spying apps will always remain incomplete without adding mSpy. The app gives you access to images and videos stored on the target device.

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It will give you updates regarding the current location of your child. With the help of the geofencing feature, you can create imaginary fencing. Now, whenever your child crosses that fence, you immediately get an update about that. Some other amazing features of mSpy include website bookmarks, where you can keep an eye on the websites that your kid has bookmarked on the browser. Using the keylogger feature you will be able to keep an eye on the typing activities of your kid.

Accessing the outgoing and incoming emails on the target device is also not a big task while using mSpy. If you want to save more money, you can go for the 3 months or 12 months subscription. It makes your device tracking complete in almost every sense. Once the device is set up with all the necessary permissions, all the data on the target device will be accessible. The best thing about iKeyMonitor is that the app gives access to many advanced features without even demanding for the rooting of the target cellphone.

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  4. These advanced features include call recording, keystroke detection , app screenshots, access to the surrounding sounds, and the phone camera. We personally liked the app screenshot and photos feature of iKeyMonitor a lot. The screenshots can be taken anytime while the kid is using any app on their device.

    Similarly, the surroundings feature won our hearts too. All the ambient voices around the target smartphone recorded by iKeyMonitor were completely audible. What all your spouse discusses with someone can be heard easily by listening to the recorded ambient sounds. Complete access to all the text messages and photos from various social media platforms is another great thing about iKeyMonitor. Most importantly, the app works in stealth mode.

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    The reason why I personally like iKeyMonitor so much is that the app gives a free plan as well, obviously with limitations of features. So basically you can use the app first and make a decision in 3 days whether you want to invest your money on the app or not. One is the Free plan which means you need not spend a single buck to use the app. Here comes another undetectable spying app for Android to keep a watch on the kids and employees. Hoverwatch provides you with all the necessary features that one needs to spy on Android devices.

    Screenshots are not the only thing that Hoverwatch captures. This can be a great way to know where your kid actually is and you can make sure they are not in any kind of trouble.

    Method 1: Spy On Text Messages

    Have you ever wondered who are the best buddies of your kid and are they really genuine? Well, you can now have a peek at their contact list to know about their friends.

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    4. Use the Locations feature and catch your kid while they are out with someone unknown. Or simply listen to the call recording that Hoverwatch records for you. Hoverwatch has 3 plans for you. Just as you would expect from a spy app, Cocospy extracts the information related to the calls that were made before and after installing the app on the target device. Cocospy assists you by keeping you updated about the current location of the child. And also the recent locations where the child was some time ago. The browsing history feature is supposed to check on all the stuff that the teen watches on the internet.

      Coming to social media tracking, this feature worked amazingly for some social apps and was a disappointment while testing on others. For instance, the activities for Instagram were tracked perfectly well. The conversation from both ends was available and other notifications were also given, like when someone tagged you in a post. The Keylogger feature will make you aware of all the keystrokes that children perform on various apps on their phones.

      Cocospy has three different plans for their Android customers. All the apps mentioned above are top-notch and work amazingly with Android devices. Moreover, all of them can be hidden on the target Android phone.