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There are over millions of mobiles phone are getting lost by misplacing or theft. Just think about what others will go through, having lost all crucial things which have become so essential for life. It is a robust software that works by tracking and recording all activity from your smartphone. These include all-call recordings, browsing history, live-location status, photos, videos, SMS, social media notifications, emails installed apps, web-filtering, contacts, and many more.

So even if your mobile is lost or stolen. You don't have to worry about the various data present on the mobile. And the most important thing is, there are high chances we can get our mobile phones back with the help of this application. Easy installation : Very easy to install and simple to use. It takes only 2 minutes to download and install.

No Root permission is required, but still, get you all the access. Completely invisible : he cell tracker's advanced invisibility feature allows it to stay completely invisible from others. People around you will not know you actually have control and back up of your phone without actually having it.

These features also help protect your phone thieves, as they will not have any clue about your personal mobile tracker. Your Privacy our priority : All data is securely stored and protected from encrypted cloud servers. Only you have access to it.


This app's main advantage is while tracking and monitoring your phone; it will not leak your data outside. The data in Cell Tracker is encrypted so that no one can access it without your permission. Both the plans, whether it is basic or premium, have unique features on it. As usual, the free plan comes with only some of the basic elements in it. If you want an average usage of this app, then a basic plan will be right for you. But to get highlighted with more advanced features, premium plans will be best suited. We are happy to help and support any time for our users.

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It's a straightforward application, but still, if you get any confusion or hiccups. In case of any glitches, they will be glad to offer you troubleshooting services. We know that searching for a new tracking app for mobile can be very difficult, and even it is not assured that they will offer any customer support. In that case, it becomes vital for you to let the professionals help you through customer support if you face any difficulty. No Spyware: A cell tracker-free mobile tracker app is not a spy application. It's a self-monitor and backup application.

It allows you to track your mobile to render complete backup and monitor. You can track the locations, monitor the messages, keep an eye on social media accounts, and much more. Track your Phone: You can keep track of your smartphone remotely, most importantly, invisibly.

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With a Cell tracker on your side, you can get complete control of your phone's path using location services to get accurate results. Most powerful app: Cell Tracker is the most powerful in-depth anti-theft productivity application with high-end innovative features. This app will run in all the different software available like android, windows, and IOS. Through Cell Tracker, you can enjoy the benefits of all other cell tracker features combined. Once the signup is complete, login to the application. Click the laptop icon on top of the screen. You will be provided with a six digit access code.

Note it down. You will require this access code while installing the MobileTracker app on your mobile phone.

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Download the app into the target device and install it. Give all access permissions and paste the six-digit access code. Note: The mobile-tracking application must only be installed by the account holder or phone owner. We do not condone the use of our software for any illegal purpose. We would block any account that will try to misuse our service. It is illegal to use the Celltracker.

If it is not the case, please exit with immediate effect. This is perfect for parents who have teen drivers on the road, and want to enforce strict rules when it comes to driving safely behind the wheel of a car. Parents and employers are also given the option to review path traversal data to make sure that the person being tracked was in fact where they said they were, and nowhere else. The Android compatible Family Locator app also has an emergency button that when pressed, will signal to the tracker that the user is in trouble.

An exact location will be sent to the person doing the tracking which allows them to dispatch help if necessary. I agree to the Privacy Policy and understand I will receive emails related to tracking business. Sorry, you must agree to the above statement. Speak to Expert Start Tracking. Android Gps Tracking Apps Free mobile tracking apps for personal use or business. On request. All-in-one solution for a profitable tracking business.