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Also, while browsing a media library, a new column appears at the top named "Shared. A gadget for Windows Media Center is also included. Transcoding encoding support is not exposed through any built-in Windows application but codecs are included as Media Foundation Transforms MFTs. For playback of various media formats, Windows 7 also introduces an H. Windows Media Player 12 uses the built-in Media Foundation codecs to play these formats by default. Action Center , formerly Windows Security Center, now encompasses both security and maintenance.

A new user interface for User Account Control has been introduced, which provides the ability to select four different levels of notifications, one of these notification settings, Default , is new to Windows 7. The feature will be disabled by default. When enabled the user will only have limited control as to which applications can track their location. Because only the Media Foundation application programming interface could interact with this environment, a media player application had to be designed to use Media Foundation.

In Windows 7, this restriction is lifted. Windows 7 includes the new Windows Biometric Framework.

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In prior releases of Microsoft Windows, biometric hardware device manufacturers were required to provide a complete stack of software to support their device, including device drivers, software development kits, and support applications. Microsoft noted in a white paper on the Windows Biometric Framework that the proliferation of these proprietary stacks resulted in compatibility issues, compromised the quality and reliability of the system, and made servicing and maintenance more difficult.

By incorporating the core biometric functionality into the operating system, Microsoft aims to bring biometric device support on par with other classes of devices. A new Control Panel called Biometric Device Control Panel is included which provides an interface for deleting stored biometrics information, troubleshooting, and enabling or disabling the types of logins that are allowed using biometrics.

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Biometrics configuration can also be configured using Group Policy settings. Alongside the workgroup system used by previous versions, Windows 7 adds a new ad hoc home networking system known as HomeGroup. The system uses a password to join computers into the group, and allows users' libraries, along with individual files and folders, to be shared between multiple computers.

Only computers running Windows 7 to Windows 10 version can create or join a HomeGroup; [99] [] however, users can make files and printers shared in a HomeGroup accessible to Windows XP and Windows Vista through a separate account, dedicated to sharing HomeGroup content, that uses traditional Windows sharing. HomeGroup as a concept is very similar to a feature slated for Windows Vista, known as Castle , which would have made it possible to have an identification service for all members on the network, without a centralized server.

HomeGroup is created in response to the need for a simple sharing model for inexperienced users who need to share files without wrestling with user accounts , Security descriptors and share permissions. Under this model, either a certain file or folder was shared with anyone who connects to the network even unauthorized parties who are in range of the wireless network or was not shared at all. Windows 7 adds support for multiple firewall profiles.

The Windows Firewall in Windows Vista dynamically changes which network traffic is allowed or blocked based on the location of the computer based on which network it is connected to. This approach falls short if the computer is connected to more than one network at the same time as for a computer with both an Ethernet and a wireless interface. In this case, Vista applies the profile that is more secure to all network connections. This is often not desirable; Windows 7 resolves this by being able to apply a separate firewall profile to each network connection. Windows 7 contains Windows PowerShell 2.

Windows 7 includes Internet Explorer 8 , []. NET Framework 3. Paint features a Ribbon interface similar to the one introduced in Office , and also sports several new features.

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Calculator has been rewritten, with multiline capabilities including Programmer and Statistics modes, unit conversion, and date calculations. Calculator was also given a graphical facelift, the first since Windows 95 in and Windows NT 4. WordPad also features the new Ribbon user interface. DLL files. Microsoft Magnifier, an accessibility utility for low vision users has been dramatically improved. Magnifier now supports the full screen zoom feature, whereas previous Windows versions had the Magnifier attached to the top of the screen in a dock layout.

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Windows 7: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

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