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This involves looking at seemingly innocuous characteristics of your device — like the screen resolution, operating system version and model — and combining them to determine your identity and track you across different apps. That would require knowing about or predicting every new tracking method that an ad-tech firm comes up with.

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Yet the privacy change is still significant because it explicitly asks us for consent. The pop-up window also makes the privacy control far easier for people to discover, said Stephanie Nguyen, a research scientist who has studied user experience design and data privacy. Nguyen said. As of this week, all apps with tracking behavior must include the App Tracking Transparency pop-up in their next software updates.

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That means we initially will probably see a small number of apps requesting permission to track us, with the number growing over time as more apps are updated. For many, these will feel long overdue. Siri has seamlessly worked only with Apple Music for music playback since , which has been frustrating for those who want to use the voice assistant to play songs using other music apps. The change comes as antitrust scrutiny mounts over whether Apple stifles competition by favoring its own apps. If you normally listen to music with a third-party app, such as Spotify, Siri will simply learn over time that you prefer that app and react accordingly.

Meitu told me at the time of the kerfuffle that it included certain geolocation and app-checking code to comply with advertising network requirements in China, where jailbroken devices can be used to defraud advertisers, and advertisers may demand that their messages be geofenced to appear only in certain regions.

Apple confirmed that the app was and remains in compliance.

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In the U. Academics are on it. Two complementary efforts, which are in the process of cooperating further, will turn more control over to those with mobile devices to monitor app connections, helping to expose bad actors and poorly designed private data security transfers, and allow scrubbing private information or blocking it altogether from being sent. Choffnes and his colleagues found some surprising practices. For instance, he says, GrubHub unintentionally sent user passwords to Crashlytics, a Google-owned firm that helps developers pinpoint code failures.

When informed, GrubHub revised its code and had Crashlytics delete all the associated data that contained passwords. The group extracts data from app communications, and tries to determine what parts of it are PII. This is both harder and easier than it might sound.

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But the team also applies machine learning, allowing it to identify PII more broadly, even when it appears without using any standard structure format, or shows up in surprising places. The ReCon project publishes some data derived from a few hundred early users, listing apps, the kind of data they passed, a severity score, whether a developer was notified, and when misbehavior was fixed if indeed it was.

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For instance, a user can block all examples of a given kind of PII, or block all location data sent from a given app. However, because some apps fail without location coordinates, the team is looking into coarsening GPS information instead of blocking it entirely. Of course, examining a flow of data from users itself raises massive privacy red flags, which is part of the evolution of ReCon.

At the moment, the tool measures and reports what apps are doing, though it could offer blocking controls in the future.