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Power saving mode will put your GPS to sleep when the screen turns off. It crashes. Quite frankly a terrible app. So some of us are trying to find an easy way to get S Health data onto Strava. I have read about SynMyTrack as intermediary app to import from Samsung and export to TrainingPeaks automatically but not sure that is possible and best.

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On Garmin you can:. A Just plug the thing in and grab the industry standard. C On Garmin Connect mobile or website , link to a boatload of 3rd parties to automatically have your data sent there. There is one which I am using. So roughly akin to Endomondo in this scenario, but just with more sensor support. Yep, it completely bypasses S Health. However, what is really good it looks GPS almost instantly while it takes about 2 minutes for S Health.


On the other hand Gear Tracker is an app and seems really cool with lot of customization, but they do not support foot pods yet. Hello, Would you consider this the most smartwatch device you tested? Multiple dropouts every run. Can you plug it in as a USB device? Lack of data extraction? Hi Ray, I would like to share some information that might be helpfull for your in-depth review: I purchased a Samsung Galaxy watch two months ago and was really frustrated by the inaccurate HR monitoring and in particular the many and long lasting dropouts during my workouts.

From my point of view this is what causes the issues mentioned above and drives every samsung galaxy watch owner crazy who wants to monitor the HR during excercise. However, if you disable this button you will find out that the HR monitoring will work as it is supposed to do. Maybe you can double check and mention it in your review if you make the same experience. Cheers, Lars. Till now afaik. How is this even considered a viable device given all the hoops you have to take just to get your data into the services you want to use?

On this watch you have a dedicated app for Strava, Endomondo and others besides sheath which give the necessary data for most users. On this site, the needs are different. They make a professional comparison between different watches and the requirements are different. If i want to leave Garmin, it is reasonably easy to do so without having to jump through hoops. In my case I use Strava and all my activities are recorded there. I can change to any platform without issues garmin, apple..

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Of course I did not make any comparison versus other watches so I cannot say if GPS accuracy is good or not. Instead of a friend with an Android device, perhaps you could get by with an Android emulator on a regular computer. Can you fake a SIM in that? Easy enough to use, supports lots of sources, and can actually do some filtering of data and selective uploads. A good hub to get fitness data from and to multiple sources. Vaguely related is tapiriik dead? But the watch for the hardware and the platform, not for the built in apps.

Granted that makes it way harder to test it with so many variabilities…. As noted, some sports — swimming for example — is only support in the Samsung app. So, yeah. And I think a lot of folks do use the default apps, especially on the Samsung device.

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Further, unlike iOS, Samsung actually shows some of these health stats on the home screen of devices, making it even more compelling to use the stock apps. Ultimately, any company Samsung, Apple, Garmin, whomever lies in the bed they made. Why does all of this have to be so complicated? My rewards program is RedBrick. Does it work seamlessly from watch to strava? Have you tried health sync? It syncs Samsung health with google fit. It has some problems related to step syncing but it works for the rest.

Thanks for this…. I think. While Samsung Fitness is connected to my Strava account, all workouts come into Samsung Health as Other except for walking. Thus all of the Strava data HR, Speed, cadence, power, etc. As far as I know, none of the other Samsung Health data Food, steps, sleep, etc. I think Samsung have updated their health app recently. It looks the same as your screen shot of the iOS device. I used FitnessSyncer and transferred it to Strava and it only copied across very basic information like total distance and total time.

None of the other data has transferred. This thread also had other users complaining about the s health app missing the export to gpx option, plus a load of other sync complaints about strava:. So someone on my Samsung Galaxy Active review noted something in that rough ballpark in the comments, whereby there was no GPS track as well. Run4Gear seems pretty good. It has a multitude of automatic export functionality. I faced the same problem, and in search of a solution I wrote a small script to convert the json data from com.

I will be glad if it helps you too. You can see details there: link to github. I sync strava and S-health but there were some workout that miss the sync.. Thanks a lot!

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It should bypass the samsung heath app I think and transfer the data straight to strava on my phone. Or am I missing something?! The best way is to sync your tracker to samsung health app and download you data from Samsung Health settings option. You will get all your activity log in csv files easy to open in excel. Unless a workout is exported into one of the couple different industry standard sports formats.

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TCX, or. I absolutely agree with all your arguments. I discover this at worst way….

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  • I never thought of selling a kidney to buy an Apple Watch, not least because it horrible, compared to the GW design. But it seems that Samsung has no interest in providing a complete experience for its users in the world of the apple. Thanks for the info.

    About to get a Samsung watch galaxy 3. Any way to get the file from s-health and change he file name to get out into my Nike run club account? Do you or anyone else have a solution for this? I swim, bike and run. Then, I come here and write about my adventures. Most of the time. You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus, you'll be more awesome. Click above for all the details.

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