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Minspy will collect all the contacts, SMSs, browsing history, media files, and more. To see the full feature list, you need to visit the main website. You can log in anywhere since the dashboard works with all browsers.

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Spyine will also spy on Androids silently and give you the results in a secure online account. The installation on the targeted device happens once.

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In your account, you will find all manner of activities from the calls made to third-party applications. You cannot go wrong choosing Spyic if you need an app that will spy remotely. Millions of users across the globe have already seen what it can do, and so should you. You can use this app on any Android with OS 4. You have to install it once on the targeted phone and activate stealth mode.

Spyic will then work in the background and deliver all the results to your online account.

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You can access this account using any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The last item on the list involves a Cocospy application. You can read more about it on Netspy to see what it has achieved since its launch. Cocospy needs you to install it once on the targeted Android. Since it also has a stealth mode, the victim will never know that it is present.

Six ways your tech is spying on you – and how to turn it off

Some of the recommendable features include calls, media files, social apps, SIM Card, and keylogger reports. You may want to utilize the last application if you need to see what is typed on the device.

You can log in anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Cocospy also works with Android 4. However, the truthiness of such a statement lies in recommendable applications like Spyier. Initial access it inevitable, but what you need is what the app will do after that. Apart from spying without the phone, our choices are also undetectable.

How to turn it off: try to avoid being in photos or having friends. Opinion Technology. This article is more than 6 years old. Alex Hern. But you can fight back.

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