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It simply displays the location state where the mobile number was first activated. Does this state location changes if the person who owns the mobile number moves to another state? That is, does this mobile tracing tool works if the mobile is in roaming? You can consider this as a mobile number directory service but internally we use an algorithm to trace the location and service provider details of a mobile number.

We do not claim accuracy. This tool displays the first data. That is, it displays the location, service provider and signaling details when the mobile number was first registered. Can you help me locate my lost phone? This tool cannot help you track or trace the location of your lost mobile phone.

You can learn how to track or trace lost iPhone , track or trace lost Android phone , track or trace lost Windows phone. Also check out this article where its explained how to trace a lost mobile from its IMEI number.

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Someone is sending me mischievous sms messages, can you help me track the location of this person from its mobile number? As posted above, its not possible to trace the name or address of a person from its mobile number. Please contact your nearest legal authorities if someone is harassing you over phone. A specific series of mobile numbers that was recently introduced is not supported by this mobile number tracing tool.

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When will you update it? It also shows WiFi details that Mobile phone is using. You can play a sound for 5 minutes. This feature is helpful in case if you have misplaced the Mobile phone anywhere in your home. It makes sound even if you have kept the Mobile Phone in Mute. You can also remotely lock or erase all the Mobile Phone content which is traced this way.

Your lost Apple iPhone can be also traced through iCloud service online. After logging in to iCloud you can trace the location of your Apple iPhone and send remote sound, lock and erase the iPhone Mobile. You can use share your live location of the mobile with any friends using this service.

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Your friends can see your phone location on the Google Map while you are moving in vehicle, train or walking. However this mobile location sharing service is restricted from 15 minutes to 8 hours maximum. After the specified time the mobile location will not be shared with your friends.

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This is very useful service when you are going to meet with friends or family or unknown person at Railway Station, Bus Stop, Garden or Mall. But remember this while you are in open and Location Based services are enabled in your mobile phone. Once you go inside any concrete complex, trace location may get updated with WiFi triangulation, but it is not assured. It works in complete stealth mode and runs in the target device's background so your target phone or tablet holder will never know about it. What's more: XNSPY mobile spy software is so easy; even your grandfather will be able to use it easily!

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