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Parents can monitor browsing history on main browsers and enable Google and Bing SafeSearch to automatically filter explicit search results. Parents can also receive different types of alerts on their cell phones with important warnings like kids visiting suspicious sites, watching blocked YouTube videos, or installing unknown apps. FamiSafe is perfect for parents who need to monitor multiple children at once. With all of the customizable features, this is a perfect way to keep track of the needs of kids of different ages.

Along with FamiSafe, you can help your kids form good digital habits, keep track of their whereabouts, and keep them safe from online danger. FamiSafe has protected over one million kids and counting, and is the ultimate online danger blocker. Get FamiSafe.

11 Best Apps for Parents to Monitor Their Kids

Qustodio software is available for Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle devices and provides a comprehensive dashboard to help you monitor your child's online activity. The free version allows you to keep tabs on your child's web and search engine use, track her Facebook and Twitter logins, and set time controls, while Qustodio Premium also allows you to track her location, block certain games and apps, monitor calls and text messaging, and more.

Get Qustodio. This software system can be installed on up to 10 different PC, Mac, or Android devices note: the software is not supported by Windows XP, and you need to purchase a separate product for Net Nanny to work on iOS devices. It allows you to "mask" profanity on web pages — which can be useful if, for example, your child needs to read a news article for a school assignment but the comments section is loaded with swear words.

You can set Internet time allowances for each child using a weekly grid divided into minute time blocks, so it's easy to prevent Web access during homework time or bedtime. This app has so many useful features including social media monitoring, location tracking and alerts, and more.

It is known as an all-in-one worry-free app. Social media monitoring is one of the most helpful features. With MamaBear you can monitor Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook activity to know when they have new tags, check-ins, or upload photos.

What are the best parental control apps?

You can also be aware when inappropriate language or indication of bullying are posted to their profiles by building your restricted words list. You can also get notifications when your teen drives or rides over a speed limit you set. There are several plan options including a free version. Get it on iTunes. Screen Time is committed to letting kids be kids, and exploring the realm of childhood, outside their screens.

Screen Time lets parents remotely monitor the amount of screen time kids spend on their mobile devices. Screen Time lets you set daily time limits, assign tasks to your kids to complete like homework, see which apps your child uses the most, and more. Our favorite feature? Instant pause, allowing parents to instantly pause their child's devices.

Your main concern: Finding kid-friendly YouTube videos, and blocking ads and links. Animal videos! Skateboarding demos! Retro cartoons!

Parental control app for Android and iOS - Screen Time

YouTube is an obvious source of free entertainment for kids — but it doesn't always feel like a safe choice. Pesky pop-up ads and links to "related" videos possible unrelated adult content can take the fun out of this mecca of free entertainment. That's why YouTube introduced their whitelisted version of the app with kid-friendly only content, YouTube Kids. You can create custom kid profiles, block channels or videos, keep tabs on their watch history, turn search on or off, set a timer to limit kids' screen time, report videos, and more.

Bouncie is an app and OBD connected car experience that is designed to stop distracted driving by sending you notifications in real-time when your child is engaging in risky behavior. For example, the app lets you know if your child is exceeding a speed limit that you set, hard-braking, alerts you off their location while driving and when parked, and more.

Want to send a strong message when your child repeatedly ignores your texts and phone calls? RespondASAP freezes the child's phone by taking over the kid's screen and sounding an alarm. This forces the child to call the parent back in order to unlock their phone.

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It's a better option than taking your child's phone away because he'll still be able to make emergency phone calls to you or even when his phone is otherwise locked. The app is currently only available on Android devices but will be available on iPhones soon. Get it in Google Play store. The app monitors texts and emails, along with YouTube and over 30 social media networks for questionable content your child might be searching or viewing. Bark sends parents alerts if it detects signs of cyberbullying, depression, online predators, adult content and more. You can also decide which platforms you want to monitor, if you want to give your child some privacy.

  • 1. TeenSafe.
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  • The app recently launched a new screen-time management feature so parents can monitor their kids' accounts as well as set screen time limits from the same app. Bark Jr focuses on screen time management, website filtering and location check-ins. The app lets parents limit access to certain apps, filter websites, enable GPS monitoring, and schedule screen time and recurring activities like bedtime.

    It also allows parents to block or grant internet and app access at anytime. Premium can manage up to 20 devices, keep tabs on all the apps on your child's device and mark as Always Blocked, Per Schedule and Always Allowed. Premium also enables a spendable screen time allowance, the family locator feature and geo-fence creator for alerts, text blocking and web filters.

    Typically, OurPact's base plan is free and offers one schedule, and five blocks and unlimited grants for one device. Kids will be communicating over devices while in lockdown since they can't see their friends. The SafeToNet app, which is now available on iOS and Android in the US, has a safeguarding keyboard powered by AI to judge, guide and advise a child in real time as they search for content and message others.

    The app's goal is to help the child become more responsible and safe online without feeling like they don't have any privacy. Parents won't be able to see what's being written, but can view insights like the time of day when high-risk messages are sent and the top five apps used by their child. SafeToNet can show what issues the child most struggles with, too.

    The software will flag certain messages if the AI detects bullying, abuse, aggression or sexting, for example. SafeToNet gives the child a moment to pause before sending a message they can't take back. Plus, the app provides breathing exercises when anxiety is detected, lessons about self-esteem and an emotion diary. To help during the pandemic, SafeToNet is offering its services free to families for the next 30 days.

    Google Family Link lets you create a Google account for your child if they're under 13 years old with access to most Google services, including Gmail and Photos. If your child is over 13, they have to consent to using Google Family Link. The app lets parents keep track of their kid's Google account and guide them to age-appropriate content.

    Parents can also approve or deny which apps their kids want to download.