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Wherever possible, ensure your app is prepared to handle rejection of permission requests. For example, if a user declines a request to access the device's GPS, ensure your app has another way to proceed. For an exhaustive list of changes introduced in Android 6. The following considerations apply to apps targeting Android 7. Design for behaviors described in Optimizing for Doze and App Standby , which encompasses incremental changes introduced across several platform releases. The system forbids linking to non-NDK libraries. For an exhaustive list of changes introduced in Android 7. The following considerations apply to apps targeting Android 8.

For an exhaustive list of changes introduced in Android 8. For an exhaustive list of changes introduced in Android 9. Continue to update to API 30 by following the instructions in the previous section. As you update the target API level for your apps, consider adopting recent platform features to modernize your apps and delight your users. You should also verify any restrictions that may exist in the version of the Android Support Library that you're using.

We encourage you to update to a recent compatible Support Library in order to take advantage of the latest compatibility features and bug fixes. After you update your app's API level and features as appropriate, you should test some core use cases. The following suggestions are not exhaustive, but aim to guide your testing process.

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We suggest testing:. Handles Doze with expected results and no errors.

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Using adb, place your test device into Doze while your app is running. Test any use cases that trigger Firebase Cloud Messaging messages. Test any use cases that use Alarms or Jobs. Eliminate any dependencies on background services.

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Test any use cases that use Alarms. Ensure that any critical use cases that depend on these events still work.

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Opt in to emails in the Google Play Console so that we can send you important updates and announcements from Android and Google Play, including our monthly partner newsletter. Content and code samples on this page are subject to the licenses described in the Content License.

Google Play. Expansion files OBBs will no longer be supported for new apps.

Why target newer SDKs? Migrate from Android 10 API level 29 to Android 11 API level 30 Privacy Scoped storage enforcement : Apps should adopt the scoped storage model where app-specific, media, and other file types are saved and accessed using dedicated locations.

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Permissions auto-reset : If users haven't interacted with an app for a few months, the system auto-resets the app's sensitive permissions. This shouldn't affect most apps. If your app primarily works in the background without user interactions, you may consider requesting users to disable auto reset. Background location access : Apps must request foreground and background location permission separately. Granting access to background location permission can only be done in app settings instead of runtime permission dialogs.

Package visibility : When an app queries for the list of installed apps and services on the device, the returned list is filtered. Security Compressed resource. APK Signature Scheme v2 now required. For backward compatibility reasons, developers should also continue to sign with APK Signature Scheme v1.

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It enables you to use smaller targets and allows for tracking targets farther away from the camera. It additionally, enables Extended Tracking where your target can be tracked even when the Image Target is no longer in the camera view. See: Device Tracker. Virtual Buttons enable you to know when a specific area of the target image has been covered by the user.

They provide a way to make Image Targets interactive. The following articles explain how to define and configure Virtual Buttons and how to add them to an Image Target. For your specific scenarios and better use cases, Vuforia offers simultaneous tracking of targets and target types. You can also manage the number of tracked targets to limit the performance strain on the devices.

Let multiple Image Target cards activate based on proximity or deliver an event when all targets have been found and collected to provide your users an immersive and interactive experience.

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Physical Properties of Image-Based Targets. How to Define Image Target Parameters. Comparison of Device and Cloud Databases. Detect and Track Multiple Targets Simultaneously. How to Implement Virtual Buttons. Vuforia Target Manager. Image Targets. Using Image Targets Common uses of Image Targets include recognizing and augmenting printed media and product packaging for marketing campaigns, gaming, and visualizing products in the environment where the product was intended to be used. TIP: Customize these samples with your own targets and content!

Several options exist: Upload the images to the Vuforia Target Manager for evaluation and processing.