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How to manually install apps and APK files on your Android device -

Skip this step if your phone has no card. Press the "All apps" button on the home screen of your Android phone or tablet. Select "Settings" and then choose "Applications. Tap on "Unknown Sources" to allow the installation of applications from other sources than Google Play. Press "OK" when the warning message appears on the screen. Use your file manager app to navigate to the folder on your SD card where you copied the ".

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Installing an application from a source other than Google Play can be dangerous for your phone or tablet. We can definitely still help with that. There are two ways to install third-party apps without the Google Play Store.

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The second method is finding APKs from websites and manually installing them. We will go over both methods in this tutorial. Another popular thing to do is install APKs from websites. This is, by far, the most dangerous way to install apps.

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Google changed how APK installations work in Android 8. This is how to install APKs on all modern versions of Android:. It will work as any other app you download. You can find the icon in the app drawer, open the app, and do whatever. There are some apps that may not install on your device due to compatibility reasons. The process otherwise remains mostly the same.

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