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The SIM swapper said one RDP tool used is Splashtop, which says on its website the product is designed to help "remotely support clients' computers and servers. Ceraolo provided multiple screenshots of this process, one of which appears to show someone logged into a T-Mobile QuickView panel via RDP. Determined, sophisticated criminals employ fraudulent SIM swaps to commit theft. That is why we are working closely with our industry, law enforcement and consumers to prevent this type of crime.

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A T-Mobile spokesperson said in a statement, "These fraudulent SIM swaps are criminal attacks that impact the entire industry. We have a number of measures in place to identify and prevent them and as fraudsters evolve, so do we. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Sign In Create Account. January 10, , pm.

When you left town your phone service would be handed off to another carrier who would charge you about six bucks a minute to use their towers. Roaming is still the way it works internationally unless you sign up for a plan in advance. It would be impossible to even begin to list all of the things to look for in the fine print, but a couple of cautionary examples might help. Both were successful and tech savvy; they were simply out of their element and caught by surprise. Calls - prevents all incoming calls and sends them directly to voicemail and stops missed call notifications.

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Voicemails - stops new voicemail notification. Tap the switch next to Line State to turn on or off. Web client On the top-left of the web page, click the Settings gear. Click the switch next to Register to turn on or off.

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Tap the triple dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen, then tap Sync Contacts. Place a call using the Dial Pad. Select which number you want to place a call from in the drop down at the top of the screen. Dial the number and tap Call. Press Call to continue the call and you will be connected to the original number you dialed. If using a phone with a valid SIM, the call is transferred to the built-in phone dialer.

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You can use the built-in app phone controls for most functions. In the To: field, enter the contact name. You can also click the number buttons to manually dial the number. Click the green Call button.

In the Web client, initiate a new call to the first contact. Select New Call in the lower left hand corner and initiate a second call, the first call will automatically be placed on hold. Once the second call connects, select Add Participant, and select the first contact to join the calls.

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Use the search bar or the alphabet navigation on the right side to search your contacts. Select which contact you want to call. This will pull up that contact's details. Select which number you would like to call. If you are using multiple lines, select which line you would like to place the call from. Tap the Menu icon with triple dots in the upper right corner.

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Tap Sync Contacts. You may only store a copy of one device's contacts. Use the drop down at the top of the screen if you want to only view messages for one of your lines. On Android: Tap the New Message circle in the lower right corner of the screen. If you are using multiple lines: Use the top drop down menu to select which line you want to use.

Use the keypad to enter a recipient or multiple recipients. You can use numbers or letters.

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Tap Next in the upper right. Start typing your message. Attach any media files using the paper clip icon to the left of your message. If you are using multiple lines: Use the top drop-down menu to select which line you want to use.

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Tap the To: line. Tap Done on your keypad. Attach media files using the photo or paper clip icons to the left of your message. Click the arrow to the right of your message to send.