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The iOS App Store is one of the standout features of Apple's smartphone experience, as iPhones often get first crack at some of the best mobile apps available. And app makers want to be sure to get their software onto people's iPhones. But do those apps deserve a place on your iPhone? To find out, we've gone through the App Store's virtual shelves, looking for the best iPhone apps we could find. We picked apps across a selection of categories to find a nice mix of old favorites and hidden gems that can help you do more with your iPhone.

We've got the best iPad apps , too, if you're into Apple's tablets instead.

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Whether it's taking better notes, keeping track of to-dos or working more efficiently with others, there's a productivity app for your iPhone that's sure to help you get more things done. Agile Tortoise makes a great note-taking and quickfire writing app with the aptly named Drafts. Fire Drafts up, and the app throws you a quick blank page with keyboard at the ready. New entries and notes get placed into an Inbox so you can tag and sort them later.

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Alternatively, you can use any of the dozens of useful quick actions and app integrations to turn your jotted-down text notes into documents, tweets, social media notes, emails or messages, while Inboxed notes can be tagged for sorting, flagged for importance, or archived. The text editor itself is highly customizable, allowing you to tweak everything from spacing to line heights and margins. Download Drafts for iPhone. Moleskine isn't just about physical journals and notebooks anymore.

The company has made a strong push into iOS apps, highlighted by Flow, an impressive drawing and note-taking app that does justice to Moleskine's notebook roots. Flow is ideal for the iPad's more expansive screen, but you'll find a solid iPhone version, too. Users can draw or take notes on an infinite-width canvas that lets you customize everything from your writing tools virtual pens, pencils and markers in a variety of colors and sizes and paper from Moleskine's traditional ivory paper to black, white, and blue, with options for grids and more.

Additions in the Flow 2 updated included real-time collaboration, vertical documents ideal for the iPhone's screen and a pencil case feature that puts your drawing tools on your iPhone while you use your full iPad screen as a canvas.

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With that fee, you get cloud storage and app updates. Download Flow by Moleskine for iPhone. Notion aims to be your personal and team productivity hub, allowing users to create private or shared workspaces where they can then add versatile "blocks" that act like text snippets, bookmarks, images, toggle links, files, code snippets or discussion sections. You can easily customize your workspace, and it's also easy to drag and drop individual blocks of content to where you need them without disrupting an entire document.

Whether you're taking notes, crunching spreadsheets, or assembling a Kanban board, Notion's powerful building blocks make things a snap to set up. The free version of Notion allows you to save and sync up to 1, blocks of content, while premium plans remove content limits and add admin tools, permission settings, and other features, depending on which tier you opt for. Download Notion for iPhone. When you're on the hunt for the best iOS apps, don't overlook utilities.

Many of them may handle just one task, but that one task can make your iPhone that much easier to use.

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Users can record from a long press on the app icon, from a lockscreen or notification widget. The app can transcribe speech with support for a number of languages and spoken punctuation commands. Recordings are sorted by date and time, and can be manually renamed. The transcription also allows you to search through recordings for specific terms. You can sync recordings and transcriptions to iCloud, where they can be shared to a variety of apps.

Download Just Press Record for iPhone. Calzy takes a neat approach to calculator apps with a "Memory Area" for quickly saving and labeling calculations, variables, and other bits of data that you might want to store for easy reference across multiple sessions. Calzy is an excellent all around calculator app, and it's no surprise that the app can point to an Apple Design Award on its resume. Download Calzy for iPhone. Deliveries is one of the best iPhone apps because it handles everything associated with your packages.

A simple system allows you to enter package information through tracking numbers or via iCloud syncing that pulls delivery information from your emails and receipts to automatically populate your incoming deliveries list.

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  • With that info at hand, you can then view a quick timeline summary of incoming and delivered packages and ETAs; you can even find the location of your packages on a map where available, or through the provider's online tracking portal. A Today widget keeps you informed of incoming packages and notifies you of package arrivals. Download Deliveries for iPhone. Install this best iPhone app on your phone, and it will block ads, pop-ups and trackers. Don't worry — 1Blocker's basic blocking skills come free.

    Rather than blocking content of a downloaded page, 1Blocker works with Safari's content blocker API to tell the browser what to block in advance, saving time and resources. Download 1Blocker for iPhone. We think the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the best camera phone you can get. But even a great camera deserves some great apps that let you tweak and edit your shots.

    Furthermore, there is a lack of a free trial. Like many on this list, this app provides a wide variety of monitoring.

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    It covers call logs, grants remote access and GPS location, and monitors web history, social media, and more. There are drawbacks, though.

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    Furthermore, you may have to wait to get the service, which is inconvenient if you need an immediate response. Installation is also more complicated than advertised. One of the distinct advantages of this app is that, like Highster, their plans are one-time payments. It also provides access to media and audio files, which is an extra feature compared to what other apps typically provide.

    The one glaring issue with this app is that it does require you to jailbreak your phone. Furthermore, this is something that the company omits in their advertising. Spyware is something that many people are looking for.

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    Companies have emerged and have made an attempt to rise to the challenge, but there are still some issues. Things like requiring phones to be jailbroken or rooted to poor customer service are glaring issues. However, the above best spy apps for iPhone have got over these problems. Featured photo credit: Youssef Sarhan via unsplash. Chief of Product Management at Lifehack Read full profile. Technology has taken a vantage leap in providing solutions for man.

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    Before now, technology used to appear complex and would require a great deal of expertise to handle solutions available. Today, we have technology applicable in the simplest human activities as smart products with intelligent algorithms powering them as they make error-free judgments and provide intelligent and analytic solutions. Does technology have all the answers? No one can discredit the impact of technology, but it is not totally free of human input and this is the reason we experience these biases in many areas we have technology holding foot.

    This article suggests that the process of creating technological solutions be made transparent and subject to contribution from many people who would end up as users of the product — male, female, young, old, learned, unlearned and all other preferences as we have them. It also underscores the importance of having women on product development teams. This approach is not sure to eliminate all forms of bias, but it is a good way to start in order to appraise the full benefits of technology. Technology so far has been a major connecting tool amongst us humans.

    It is used and appreciated by all regardless of race, language and sex. Not only do they add nifty new updates, they also address what is called a software vulnerability.