Start a Secret Conversation in Facebook Messenger

How to use Facebook Messenger’s Secret Conversation function

Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger are easy to use and relatively secure. Amidst the litany of privacy and security issues that swirl around Facebook and its properties, the ability to send end-to-end encrypted messages that are protected even from Facebook itself is a welcome feature.

By offering encrypted messaging in its native Messenger app, Facebook ensures that users continue to rely on its platform for day-to-day communication for personal or business use. Just remain informed about how Facebook continues to use your personal information. There are a lot of messengers that provide actual privacy e. Not sure if this is available in Canada yet. What if the device keys dont match up? I had a secret conversation, but the device keys are different.

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If you want to make sure that only the two people involved in a chat can read texts, then the new Secret Conversation feature in the Facebook Messenger app is the way to go. Before you can have a secret conversation using Facebook Messenger, make sure this feature is turned on.

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When it is, conversations that take place in secret mode will be end-to-end encrypted on all of your devices at the same time. Back on the Facebook Messenger home screen, tap on the square and pencil icon in the upper right corner. To do so, tap the clock icon where you would type your message.

When their time is up, these messages will no longer be shown within the conversation. Or, find out how to turn off Facebook notifications so this won't pop up in the first place. Related: There's a lot of social media networks out there, so how can you be sure that Facebook is right for your business? Check out our roundup of the best social network software , brought to you totally free from G2! If you're lucky, whatever you say will stay between the two of you.

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