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Spy on Text Messages like a Pro

Spyic is the result of the hard work of passionate engineers. It is entirely web-based and impossible to detect. Spyic comes equipped with one of the most modern and high-end spying features, using which you can make sure she never finds out that you are going to catch her red-handed. It is a lightweight and non-resource-intensive application.

Cocospy - The Most Innovative Thing Since Sliced Bread

You can spy on her messages remotely and discreetly. There are chances of your wife becoming suspicious about someone spying on her device if she notices that her device has been rooted or jailbroken. Spyic requires no jailbreaking or rooting of her device. All you need to do is to install Spyic on her Android device manually or have to know her iCloud details.

She might get suspicious of you spying on her if she checks your phone and sees the Spyic application.


Check out the live demo yourself and see what else Spyic has in store for you. Wondering if your wife will catch you red-handed while you are installing Spyic in her phone? No way! The application is extremely light-weight 3MB to be precise and can be installed within minutes.

How To Monitor Text Messages On Any Verizon Phone

In case your wife is an iPhone user, you have an added advantage. All that you need is the iCloud credentials to get started.

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For the Android solution, another added advantage is that even if you feel like your wife is about to catch you which anyway is not possible , you can remotely uninstall the application from your control panel within a single click. Step 1: Sign up to use the Cocospy app. Step 3: Use your Cocospy app to get details on what the iCloud account is reading.

Free text message spy without installing it on target phone

You would have to root or jailbreak the device if you wish to access the non-default apps and functions on that phone. Cocospy operates silently in the background of your target device. It does not take up lots of disk space or memory either. Also, the icon that leads to Cocospy deletes itself after you activate the app on the target phone.

Free SMS tracker for hidden (spy) tracking of text messages

Be aware of what your wife is doing while online. Check out how well Cocospy can work for you as you get information on what she is doing without her having to know anything. Table of Contents. The most popular apps in this category are TheTruthSpy and Copy9.

You can easily tell whether your child is in class or at a club when you have the app installed in his or her phone. The app sends all the data collected to your Copy9 or TheTruthSpy account. These offline phone spy apps are quite effective but are costly in the long run.

They often require complicated procedures to install and activate every time you want to spy on a phone. You could save yourself some cash and time each day simply by finding a way to get the targeted phone in stealth mode for around 5 minutes and checking everything you want to see. Skip to content What is a phone or SMS spy app? Online Free Spy Tools This is by far the easiest, fastest, and free phone spying method.

You start getting data from the other phone as soon as you connect it. Cons It comes with an anti-bot system that asks you to install a free app usually it is an ad app to get it to work. It does not provide as much information as paid offline apps do.